Moray Province Curling 2016

Founded in 1896 as the seventeenth Province of the R.C.C.C., at the time, it was referred to as “Moray-Shire” before changing its name to “Province of Moray” in 1899 and eventually to the present day title of “Moray Province” which had 16 member clubs.

Whilst the number of member clubs currently stands at 27 (5 of these affiliated schools) only Aberlour, Ballindalloch, Cawdor, Elgin, Forres and Fochabers are still currently in existence and members of the “Moray Province”.

With the opening of Moray Leisure Centre in 1993 new clubs were formed as well as a number of clubs moving back from Grampian Province to Moray Province mainly due to travel convenience.

Previously the Moray Province’s indoor curling was centered round Aviemore till its closure and then in Inverness when a private ice rink was built there in 1968.

The point of the History lesson and location of the curlers who curl in Moray Province is to outline the long association this “Scottish National Sport” has held its place in Moray, its no flash in the pan sport that will be here today and gone tomorrow (unless the Leisure Centre Management and The Moray Councillors decide so)  in fact with the fantastic World and Olympic success Curling has had over the past decade the interest in participation is increasing no where more so than in Elgin due to promotion of “Try Curling” sessions for young, not so young and disabled residents of Moray, it is an all encompassing sport which encourages participation during the winter months to all male and female from ages 8 to 88.

Quote from Sports Scotland

Alastair Dempster, Chairman, sportscotland, said: “Curling plays a significant role in Scotland’s sporting heritage and has enjoyed extensive international success at Olympic and world level in recent years. It is important that this continues.”We must continue to nurture those who demonstrate the potential to achieve at world class level, as well as supporting the sports’ infrastructure to increase participation and encourage people to become more active at a recreational level.”

In the Moray Province there are Curling clubs in the East as far as Buckie, to the South as far as Ballindalloch, and there are  Curling Clubs in the West as far as Dalcross, they are all of mixed gender and age clubs clubs except for Moray Firth Ladies playing out of Moray Leisure Centre and Nairn Ladies who curl in Inverness, they use morning ice and of course Moray Juniors and Highland Juniors which has Juniors only other than office bearers and assistants. Details on how to contact these clubs can be accessed below.

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