small-stoneCurling does not look strenuous but you may be surprised. As with any physical pursuit you need to properly warm up so that you reduce the risks of stretch or strain injury.

small-stoneTake your time when moving about and especially when starting out. Always step on to ice one foot at a time with a gripper foot first.

small-stoneBeginners and even seasoned players should be careful while moving over the ice surface and it is also important to remember that you do not obstruct or disturb other players when on the ice.

small-stoneFalling on hard ice can lead to severe injury.

small-stoneDo not step over stones nor attempt to lift or carry stones.

small-stoneThe exception to this is prior to delivering a stone; it is customary to flip over the stone to clean the running band of any particles before play. You may require assistance to do the at the start until you become used to doing this.

small-stoneStones out of play should be parked safely at the end of a sheet and take care when moving stones that you do not push them into someone Else’s way.

small-stoneBe prepared to shout a warning to other curlers should a stone go off target towards an unwary adjacent rink:-


And That Word is   ICE