With reference to the Sport of Curling

Hi and welcome to the Development page which has two objectives?

will-marran1/ To encourage active curlers or those who curled previously to assist in Developing the sport.
2/ for those that are interested in curling and want to give it a try to come along and do just that.

You have various options when you use the word “Development” however to avoid any doubt the following words will suitable describe it in curling:-
They are training, education, advancement, promotion, expansion and enhancement but not necessarily in that order.

Two completely different groups that need to be highlighted:-

Group 1/ those who are still curling and those who have had to give up playing for some physical or other personal reason.

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coaching-dayGroup 2/  Those who have never curled before but are interested in the sport and want to learn more detail before they TRY CURLING so (Don’t be shy give it a try)

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