Etiquette on and off the Ice

Always arrive at the ice on time and be prepared to start curling when the ice is ready.

Make sure your shoes are clean before stepping on to the ice.

Be ready to deliver your stone when your turn comes.

Never cross in front of another player when they are in the hack and about to play, or in front of a running stone.

Always stand still, at the side of the sheet, when an opponent is in the hack.

Do not move into the centre of the ice before or after the opposition stone has been played.

Allow the player and his team to see the shot. Do not stand behind the house or inside the house unless you are the skip or acting skip.

Skips should stand behind the house when the opposition is delivering. Never do anything, such as moving behind the opposition skip or talking across the hack, which might distract the opposition (or your own) player on the hack.

Do not damage the ice surface by banging your brush or resting your hand on the ice after your delivery.

Be careful that you do not leave anything on the ice – this can mean anything from your pockets to hairs from your brush, debris from your feet or threads from clothing which and interfere with a traveling stone or worse cause someone to trip.

If you are a sweeper and one of your team is in the hack then you should position yourself back in line with the player and to the side. When your player begins his downswing you should start to move up the ice and be ready to sweep when necessary.

On the ice your skip is in charge – do not argue (at least until after the game!).

Curling games are traditionally started and finished by shaking hands. (Juniors should be taught what a good hand shake entails)

Do not rest your hands or knees on the ice as this results in damage to the ice surface that is not appreciated by your fellow curlers.

Be aware of play around you and be prepared to catch stones from other rinks and to stop stones from your own rink running into adjacent rinks.

Be courteous and accommodating of other players on the ice and be careful as the ice is dangerous.

Curling is a subtle and strategic game that takes time to appreciate. It is above all a sociable game in which the participants abide by the rules and play in a good spirit, retiring to the bar after the game to keep up the conversation.

Don’t worry. “Good Curling”