Suffice to say the history of curling is of great interest to all that play the sport however it is a subject that warrants time and attention as a subject on its own and so the research and detail will not be covered here although there are a couple of links provided for those who wish to verse themselves on the subject.

Curling History Blog Spot

Possible the most informative historical Blog by The Late David B Smith (30/11/2015) and Bob Cowan. (Thanks lads for the link)

Both are passionately interested in the history of curling and you will find the blog brings together all who are interested in the history of this great sport.

I am sure both David and Bob will appreciate the photo i have borrowed from their site just to show how historical they are.


David & Bobs Blog


The Royal Caledonian Curling Club

175th-logoThe Objects of the Royal Club are:

(a) to unite Curlers throughout the world into one Fellowship of the Rink;

(b) to regulate by rules the ancient Scottish Game of Curling; and

(c) to supply and promote related sporting and other services;

(d) to educate the public about the Game of Curling

                            Thanks to the Royal Club for the link

History on the R.C.C.C site


The previous two links have given you an insight to the History of Curling as a sport but now a link to the history of a Moray Province Club.


Nairn Curling History

Nairn C.C. is a very active club within the Moray Province and has been for many years.

As an auld member and famous curler Harold Forrester N.C.C. has researched and recorded its history on their club web site which he just happens to be the Web Master. (Thank you Harold for the link)

This is a comprehensive and excellent history which also as an aside gives an insight to the Moray Province.