Secretary (Sandy Howie:-

The fourth and fifth rounds of the Supurleague Division 2 have been played at Moray Leisure Centre and the results are as follows:-

Fourth Round   –    Brian Cantlay  4   V  Mike Watt  8

                                       Adrian Firth     5   V  Donald Ross   10

Fifth Round   –         Brian Cantlay   2    V Donald Ross    7

                                       Sandy Howie   1    V Mike Watt         9

Next round of games takes place in 2018
The League table is as follows   

Position Team Games played Points Ends Won Shot Diff Shots For
1 D Ross 4 8 22 27 40
2 M Watt 4 5 17 6 27
3 A Firth 3 3 10 -3 19
4 B Cantlay 3 2 9 -8 13
5 S Howie 4 0 8 -21 15

Sandy Howie
Division 2
Press Officer

The first three rounds have been played in the Moray Super league Division 2 at Elgin Ice rink. The result are as follows.

In Round One only one game was played due to issues with Brian Cantlay being able to form a team to play Adrian Firth. In the game Sandy Howie’s rink took on Donald Ross’s in a close game that the scores do not reflect. The game finished 13-2 to Donald Ross but a couple of slices of luck could have resulted in a closer score.

In Round Two Donald Ross took on Mike Watt, where experience took on youth. Despite a strong start from the youngsters, playing with Mike, experience showed and Donald Ross’s rink ran out 10-4 winners. In the second game of the round Adrian Firth took on Sandy Howie. The game was close with the scores swinging end on end but Adrian Firth eventually ran out 8-6 winners.

In Round Three Mike Watt’s team took on Adrian Firths rink in a close game which resulted in a share of the pints in a 6-6 scoreline.

The second game of the round saw Brian Cantlay take on Sandy Howie. This game saw Brain Cantlay take an 2-0 lead after two ends but Sandy Howie’s team rallied and went 5-2 up after the next two. A poor end from the Howie rink saw them drop a 4 in the sixth and despite sharing singles in the next two, Brian Cantlay edged it 7-6.

The next round is due to be played on 27th November and will see Brian Cantlay take on Mike Watt and Donald Ross take on Adrian Firth.

The table after three rounds in as below:-

Position Team Games played Points Ends Won Shot Diff Shots For
1 D Ross


4 12 17


2 A Firth


3 8 2


3 B Cantlay






4 M Watt







S Howie


0 7 -13


Sandy Howie Press Officer Division 2


Secretary (Sandy Howie:-

The final re arranged game as opposed to the (The last scheduled round of games on 6th of February) in Division Two was played at Moray Leisure Centre on Monday 20th February 2017. (not a good idea)
This re arranged game helped to decide who would join Dave McPherson’s Rink in gaining promotion to Division One.

Raymond Boyd’s rink took a 4-0 lead against Brian Cantlay after the first three ends, with the next 2 ends shared and the score at 5-2 to Raymond Boyd was looking for a comfortable last end. However Brian Cantlay’s rink were lying three shots to the good after the first four stones of each side. Was a big score on the cards to sneak a win? No, Wilson Burnett drew a near perfect stone to lie shot and try as they might Brian Cantlay’s rink could not get it out of the house.
The score finished 6-2 and as a result of tonights game, Raymond Boyd’s rink joins David MacPherson’s rink in moving up to Division One next season
Well done to all the teams this year with a number of close and enjoyable games.

The final table looks like this:

Position Team Games played Points Ends Won Shot Diff Shots For
1 D Macpherson 6 12 27 +22 49
2 R Boyd 6 8 16 +10 39
3 D Ross 6 7 25 +14 50
4 B Cantlay 6 6 21 -2 37
5 S Howie 6 5 23 -5 38
6 L Hardie 6 3 21 -13 39
7 A-L Fraser 6 1 17 -26 28


The last scheduled round of games was played in the Moray Province Super league Division 2 on Monday 6th February 2017 at Moray Leisure Centre.

The first game saw Division winners, Dave Macpherson rink take on Anna- Louise Fraser’s rink, skipped by Dave Duff. A reasonable close game was contested but Dave Macphersons rink ran our 6-4 winners to have a 100% record in this years competition.

The second game saw Raymond Boyd’s rink take on Sandy Howie. this was a real see saw of a game but despite losing a 3 in the first end, Sandy Howie’s rink took a 7-4 lead into the final end. Experience showed in a close final end where Raymond secured 4 shots to win by a small margin of 8-7.

In the final game Linda Hardie’s rink took on Donald Ross. This game was reasonable close until the 6th end where Linda conceded a 5 and Donald Ross ran out comfortable 12-4 winners.

The under noted table shows the current position with David McPherson’s rink already promoted but it is extremely tight for the second spot. A rescheduled game between Raymond Boyd and Brian Cantlay on 20th February will determine who will win the second promotion spot.
A further report will follow after this game.

Position Team Games played Points Ends Won Shot Diff Shots For
1 D Macpherson 6 12 27 +22 49
2 D Ross 6 7 25 +14 50
3 R Boyd 5 6 11 +6 33
4 B Cantlay 5 6 19 +2 35
5 S Howie 6 5 23 -5 38
6 L Hardie 6 3 21 -13 39


A-L Fraser 6 1 17 -26 28

Sandy Howie

The fifth and penultimate round of matches took place at Moray Leisure Centre on Monday 23rd January 2017.

 In the first game Brian Cantlay took on Linda Hardie’s rink in what was a game which was pretty close after the first five ends but Brian took a 2 &3 in the next two ends to lead 8-4. However Linda’s rink persevered and despite scoring a 3 in the last end, went down 8-7.

In the second match Raymond Boyd was up against league leaders Dave Macphersons rink. This match was even tighter than the first game above with ends being shared and in fact the scores were tied going into what was the last end where Dave Macphersons rink scored one to win 5-4.

The third game of the evening saw an all Virtual club clash between Anna-Louise Fraser and Sandy Howie. Anna-Louise Fraser got off to a flying start going 4 shots up after two ends but Sandy Howie levelled things after the next two ends. After this the game ran away from Anna-Louise Fraser  and sandy Howie’s rink ran out 10-4 winners.

As you can see from the following table after tonight’s game, Dave McPherson rink has a commanding lead at the top of the league and indeed they cannot now be caught. Congratulations on their performance.

Team Games played Points Ends Won Shot Diff Shots For
D Macpherson 5 10 24                +20 43
B Cantlay 5 6 19                  +2 35
D Ross 5 5 20                  +6 38
S Howie 5 5 18                   -4 31
R Boyd 4 4 8                  +5 25
L Hardie 5 3 19                   -5 35
A-L Fraser 5 1 13                 -24 24


The fifth round of games was played at Moray Leisure Centre on Monday 12 December 2016
The first game saw Boyd play the Fraser Rink, skipped by Jodi Best. Boyd slipped 1-4 behind after three ends but then a run of 4 ends saw them emerge as victors 10-4.

Game two saw Howie take on leaders MacPherson and after sharing 4’s in the opening two ends, the following 5 ends were close but experience pulled through and the MacPherson rink won by a 4 shot margin.

The final game saw Brian Cantlay take on Donald Ross. The game would appear to have been one sided on a scoring basis but despite Ross scoring 6 in the final end, they went down 11-9.

The next round of games, due to be played on 23rd January see Howie v Fraser( inter club game), MacPherson v Boyd and Cantlay v Hardie.

After the five rounds the table is as follows:

Position Team









1 D McPherson 4 38 19 20 8
2 D Ross 5 38 32 20 5
3 B Cantlay 4 27 26 15 4
4 R Boyd 3 21 15 5 4
5 L Hardie 4 28 32 15 3
6 S Howie 4 21 29 12 3
7 A-L Fraser 4 20 38 11  

The fourth round of matches in Moray Province Super-league Division 2 took place at Moray Leisure Centre on Monday 28th November.

In the first match Sandy Howie took on Linda Hardie’s rink in what was a match that was evenly matched. The ends were shared and the match finished level at 6-6.

 Game Two saw Brian Cantlay take on Anna-Louise Fraser. Despite a rally in the fourth and sixth ends, Anna-Louise Fraser’s rink went down 7-3.

 In the final game of this round Donald Ross took on Raymond Boyd. Despite winning the first end, Raymond lost the following five and ended up going down 8-2.

 The next round due to be played on 12/12 sees Fraser take on Boyd, Macpherson take on Howie and Ross take on Cantlay.

The points and positions is as detailed in the table below:-

Position Team









1 D Macpherson 3 29 14 15 6
2 D Ross 4 29 21 17 5
3 L Hardie 4 28 32 15 3
4 S Howie 3 16 20 10 3
5 R Boyd 2 11 11 6 2
6 B Cantlay 3 16 17 10 2
7 A-L Fraser 3 16 28 9 1

The third round of games in the Moray Super league, Division 2 were played on the 14th November at Moray Leisure Centre.

A round up of all three rounds is a follows.

There were only two games played in the first round with Donald Ross’s rink taking on debutants Moray Virtual Club 1, skipped by Sandy Howie. Nerves were on show for the Virtual Club and they went down 9-3. In the other game Linda Hardie’s rink had a tough time against David Macpherson rink who ran out…. winners.

The second round of games saw Donald Ross’s rink, skipped by G Munro take on the other debutants to Divison 2 Moray Virtual Club 2, skipped by Anna-Louise Fraser. The game looked to be running away from the virtual club but two good ends put them back in the game and it finished level at 9-9. The second game featured Linda Hardie’s rink taking on Raymond Boyd. It was end for end in the first four ends but Boyd picked up 6 shots in 3 ends to run our 9-3 winners. The final game in this round saw Brain Cantlay take on David Macpherson. The game was to and from through 5 ends but Macpherson picked up 3 shots in last two ends to run out 7-4 victors.

The last round of games saw Sandy Howie’s rink, skipped by Ade Firth secure  their first points by defeating Brian Cantlay 7-5. Linda Hardie’s rink came up against Anna-Lousie Fraser’s rink and after a score of 2 &4 in the first two ends, the writing looked to be on the wall for the Fraser rink. The game went in one direction and Linda’s rink ran away 12-4 victors. The last game in the round saw David Macphersons rink take on Donald Ross’s rink. The game was one way traffic for the first five ends and whilst the Ross rink rallied in the last two, they were defeated 7-3.

The current position after the three games is as noted in the table below.

Position Team









1 D Macpherson 3 29 14 15 6
2 D Ross 3 21 19 11 3
3 L Hardie 3 22 26 10 2
4 S Howie 2 10 14 7 2
5 R Boyd 1 9 3 5 2
6 A-L Fraser 1 9 9 4 1
7 B Cantlay 2 9 14 5 0


The following detail is taken from the Moray Super League AGM 09/03/16

Secretary (Mike Watt

Division 2
     Ally Fraser

Second        Mike Watt
Both teams will be promoted to Division 1 for the 2016-2017 season

AS At 14/02/16 

  Played Points Ends Shots Up Shots For
Ally Fraser 5 10 23 15 38
Mike Watt 6 8 26 18 50
Dave McPherson 6 6 23 6 35
Donald Fraser 5 4 18 -3 33
Linda Hardie 6 0 17 -36 22

        As at 05/10/15            

 The first games in Curling Super league Division 2 have been played at the Moray Leisure Centre.

Grant Fraser and Linda Hardie had a very tight game with the score tied at 7-7 at the end of the seventh end.
Hovever Fraser took a one then stole a four to win 12-7.
Donald Ross played against Dave McPherson in the other game played.
Ross took the first four ends to lead 5-0 before Mcpherson got on the scoreborad winning ends 5 and 6 to stand at 5-3.
A score of two in the final end made Ross the winner at 7-3. 

As at   6th January 2016

At the halfway stage  of Curling in Division 2 a clear leader has emerged.

Ally Frasers rink from Cawdor have beaten all the others in the League and sit on top with 8 points.

Linda Hardie from Forres is anchored to the bottom, yet to pick up any points.

However the middle of the table is very tight, with 3 teams on 4 points. There are only three ends separating the remaining 3 teams which will ensure a gripping  second half of the season. Games restart next Monday.


  Played Points Ends Shots up Shots for
A Fraser       4        8                18       +12       33
M Watt       4        4         17        +6       31
D Ross       4        4       16        +4       30
Mcpherson       4        4       14         -1       27
L Hardie       4        0            9       -21       22