M.P.KO Final 2013. Inverness Ice Centre

A good game on keen ice that swayed back and fore for the first 4 ends

George Pirie led for the Asher rink with Robbie Cope playing 2 & Colin Macgregor at 3 in place of Ross Cope who was working in Orkney.

Blair Fraser had Tom Pendreigh at 3, his father Mark at 2 and Murray Johnstone leading.

In the first end Asher lay 1 and tried to tap his own stone back to lie 2 but was light and left Fraser a simple double for his 2.

2’s were exchanged in ends 2&3 then in the 4th Fraser missed a strike to leave Asher with a draw for 3 which he made. The Nairn rink then stole a 1 in the 5th to pull 2 shots ahead.

In the 6th Asher’s final draw against 3 came up slightly short to leave Fraser with a tricky strike for 3 or a draw for 2. Fraser opted for the strike but jammed on his own shot stone to give Asher a 3 shot lead going into the last end.

Efforts to keep the end clear failed but with Asher lying 3 and 2 stones to go, Dalcross shook hands and the Nairn rink had the title for their 3rd time.

Third Time for Asher Rink

George Pirie, Colin MacGregor (Sub), Skip Ali Asher, Robbie Cope