The Famous Five

The Famous Five

Congratulations to the U.K. Wheelchair Curlers in claiming the Bronze Placing in the 2014 Winter Paralympics Curling in Sochi Russia.

What a fantastic week of ups and downs how do they do it? Loose the semi final in the morning and back on 2.5 hrs later and raise their game to beat China for the Bronze Medals, they must have taken a lesson from Eve and her rink when she won her Bronze.

It’s a team game as with the standees but did you ever see such comradeship as between all four / five on the ice in each and every game for each and every shot, they could maybe not sweep for each other but they certainly gave each other the support you would want for every stone that had to be played.

Apologies to the other 3 in the team but Moray Province has to say how proud and pleased we are for Gregor and Jim with their home rink being the Elgin Leisure Centre, they were always coming off practicing on a Wednesday when our junior curlers were going on week after week month after month until their standard of play took them away to other rinks with more consistent ice quality, but make no mistake they are Moray Loons and always will be, the junior curlers (40 registered with the Royal Club this year + 11 from Olympic try curling ) will be on the lookout for Gregor and Jim on their return home.