Dear Moray Province Club Secretary,

Please could you circulate the attached questionnaire to your members and ask them to return their responses to my email by the 17th of April.
as the Province will not have held its AGM by the RCCC closing date on the 24th of April.
Many thanks for your help, Mike Pickthall Province Secretary

Circular From The RCCC Board Areas Standing Committee Review Group

Dear Area/Province Secretary,
The Areas Standing Committee Review Group was asked by the RCCC Board to review the ‘Areas’ structure to determine how best to serve the grassroots curling membership. As part of this review, the group would like to request Areas and Provinces to include an item on their AGM agendas to discuss the current Areas structure, report on how they believe it is working in their Area and to make recommendations on how it could be improved.
The RCCC wishes to ensure that there is a good two-way flow of information to and from its members.  It may be that some Areas, as they are currently defined geographically, don’t sufficiently correspond with the locations at which members curl and most readily socialise. The Review Group would like you to put the following questions to the meeting for discussion:

Areas Standing Committee Review Group Questionnaire
1. How successful is your Area/Province at promoting curling?

  1. What changes in the way that your Area/province operates would help to promote    curling?
  2. To what extent do you feel that your current Area boundary is ‘the best it could be’?
  1. What changes, if any, in your Area boundary would help to promote curling locally?
  2. What activities not currently undertaken by your Area/Province would help to promote curling to existing and new curlers?
  3. Do you have any other comments you wish to make to the group to help in its deliberations? Thank you in advance for your co-operation in this important review and I look forward to receiving the views of your members. If you could let me have this information by Friday 24th April, that would be appreciated.
    The Province executive will at the AGM declare their response to the RCCC Areas Standing Committee Review Group

If you could let Mike have your comments on the above questionnaire by Friday 17th April,

The easiest way will be to copy and paste the questions onto an email with your answer below each question and forward to Mike Pickthall