Fellow Curlers

Well what a year it has been! The world has seen a pandemic resulting in a terrible loss of life and devastation for many. It has without a doubt changed society as we  know it, but only time will tell.

On a more positive note, things are beginning to open up, albeit in a data led speed.

Curling like all other sports has been hit one way or another by restrictions in what we can and cannot do.  We at the MPCDG have continued to hold regular meetings via zoom, to try and take stock of where we are and where we want to be in the future with a view to promote and develop the sport of curling.

 I think all curlers have seen or realised that the number of club members and participants in the sport has fallen significantly over the past few years. The role of  the MPCDG is to try and reverse that trend, but we realise that it will not be an easy task with many other sports and activities trying to do the same.

We have the backing of Scottish Curling both financially and practically. There is a dedicated team within the MPCDG who give up a lot of their own time to promote curling to new members ie school children, adults and corporate groups.

The MPCDG run “come and try sessions”, including Wheel chair curling, and people with various disabilities ensuring inclusiveness for all. The MPCDG also encourage those who are interested in coaching to take the various levels of coaching awards run by Scottish Curling.

However, like everyone else we need the support of not only the members of the curling community, but of those in the public domain and I would encourage you to attend the above webinar using the link supplied, not only to hear what the MPCDG are proposing, but to get your valued input on the best way forward.


Eddie Milne


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