Following the unfortunate withdrawal from the League of the Moray Wheels rink, only 3 games took place in Moray Province East this week.
In Division 3 Owen Watson’s Moray Juniors are a team on fire at the moment. Watson, Edwards and a pair of Rankins just about outsmarted an experienced Andrew Allardyce in an exceptional game of high tension curling. 4-2 down to the wily Allardyce after 5 ends, the youngsters rallied well ,picking up a single and then sealing their come from behind win with a double at the last end in a nail biting cliché filled victory.

It was a case of Nelsons in Alan Douglas’s big Darnaway win over Forres’s Linda Hardie. All the 1’s gave the final score a very binary look as Linda opened proceedings with a single at the first but could not add to her tally thereafter as the Darnaway Dump Truck ,driven by Douglas and Rendall and pushed along by Milne and Wilson scored at each of the next 6 ends in an 11-1 win.
Division 4 newcomers Jim Walls and co were under the tutelage of our favourite Canuck Jodi Best, but competing against Gold Olympian Janice Rankin is no stroll in the park and the MFL rink showed too much skill and experience in easing to a 6-2 win.
Watson in 3 and Rankin in 4 now sit atop their respective Divisions and it would be a brave man who would risk his pocket money betting against either of these two picking up silverware come March.