(MEN’S TOUR, SCOTLAND TO CANADA) 11th Jan to 4th Feb 2023.
Curling Canada extended an invitation for sixty (60) male curlers to tour Canada as their guests for approximately three weeks in January 2023 to compete in the Strathcona Cup, one of the oldest international curling competitions in the world.

The Tourists will be split into three tours known simply as the East Tour, The West Tour and The Central Tour, they will be led by R.C.C.C President Mike Ferguson, the Non-Playing Tour Captain (Edzell C.C.)

Before going into further detail I will bring to your notice Moray Province (Area 13) have two well kent faces going on this tour and both are well-deserved, Tom Pendreigh Dalcross C.C. for many reasons and typically taking on a admin position as Third Tour Captain, the other being Alan Campbell (Buckie CC) for when he was younger and put a lot of time and effort into coaching. (I hear a rumour he is retiring so maybe Moray will benefit from his coaching abilities) although he is getting involved with umpiring I can’t see the two clashing. He is going to have a busy tour being Second tour Secretary.
Rather than selecting bits and pieces regarding the Tourists and the Hosts I will put the link to both their websites and then you can take on board by reading all the detailed preparation required for such an event and keep track of what’s going on when and where throughout the tour.

Canadian website: http://www.strathconacup.ca/

Scotland website: http://sct2023.scot