League Table

Draw & Results

Wed 06 Jan
18.30Kenny Oswald vs Willie Cameron
18.30Mike Macdonald vs Alan Campbell
18.45Angus Gunn vs Andy Cameron
Wed 13 Jan
21.00Mike Macdonald vs Kenny Oswald
21.00Alan Campbell vs Andy Cameron
21.15Angus Gunn vs Willie Cameron
Wed 27 Jan
18.30Alan Campbell vs Willie Cameron
18.30Kenny Oswald vs Angus Gunn
18.45Andy Cameron vs Mike Macdonald
Wed 17 Feb
18.30Angus Gunn vs Alan Campbell
18.30Willie Cameron vs Mike Macdonald
18.45Andy Cameron vs Kenny Oswald
Wed 10 Mar
18.30Kenny Oswald vs Alan Campbell
18.30Mike Macdonald vs Angus Gunn
18.45Andy Cameron vs Willie Cameron


Donated by Allied Distillers through the assistance of Forres member, Sandy Forsyth who worked for the Company.

It was instituted at the time of the newly created East and West Divisions of the Province when Moray Leisure Centre opened.

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