League Table

Draw & Results

Wed 06 Jan
21.15Ann Munro vs Gordie Kennedy
21.15Andrew Allardyce vs Helen Downey
Wed 13 Jan
18.30Bob Stewart vs Charlie Watt jnr
Wed 20 Jan
18.45Andrew Allardyce vs Ann Munro
18.45Bob Stewart vs Gordie Kennedy
21.00Helen Downey vs Charlie Watt jnr
Wed 03 Feb
18.45Helen Downey vs Gordie Kennedy
18.45Ann Munro vs Bob Stewart
Wed 10 Feb
18.30Charlie Watt jnr vs Andrew Allardyce
Wed 24 Feb
18.45Bob Stewart vs Helen Downey
18.45Gordie Kennedy vs Andrew Allardyce
Wed 03 Mar
18.30Charlie Watt jnr vs Ann Munro
Wed 17 Mar
18.45Ann Munro vs Helen Downey
18.45Andrew Allardyce vs Bob Stewart
Wed 24 Mar
18.30Charlie Watt jnr vs Gordie Kennedy


Presented to the Province by Forres Curling Club at the time East and West sections of the Province were created with the opening of Moray Leisure Centre.

The name “Varis” originates from the old Roman name for Forres, and still is in evidence locally to this day.

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