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In 1995 The Moray Superleague was formed to play out of Moray Leisure Centre.

With a generous donation of a trophy by the Bank of Scotland 6 teams played in the first year.

The idea of the Superleague is to allow players to form rinks from several clubs and to compete in a round robin competition over the curling season.

It proved to be a popular format and after 3-4 years our Superleague had grown to 16 teams with a Division 2 added. With the option of promotion and demotion of 2 teams each year, the competitive edge was not just about who won the league!

Currently we have 14 teams involved, with 8 teams in Division 1 for the first time and 6 teams in Division 2.

The Moray Superleague has been very welcoming of new blood and in particular has absorbed players from The Virtual Club in Elgin.

All applications to join The Superleague should be emailed to the Chairman – Graeme Govan – govangraeme@hotmail.com.


2021/22 Draw

All Matches - Monday 7pm

Match Sheet
Jodi Best v Janice Rankin B
Raymond Boyd v Alistair Wood C
Dave Mcpherson v Gavin Nicol D
Alan Campbell v Douglas Howie A
Graeme Govan v Alistair Wood B
Jodi Best v Gavin Gavin Nicol C
Raymond Boyd v Dave Mcpherson D
Alan Campbell v Donald Ross B
Andy Cameron v Douglas Howie C
Mike McInnes v Georgia Clarke D
Greig Stephen v Janice Rankin E
Graeme Govan v Dave Mcpherson A
Jodi Best v Raymond Boyd B
Alan Campbell v Georgia Clarke C
Douglas Howie v Janice Rankin D
Donald Ross v Georgia Clarke B
Andy Cameron v Janice Rankin C
Mike McInnes v Alistair Wood D
Greig Stephen v Gavin Nicol E
Alan Campbell v Janice Rankin A
Graeme Govan v Jodi Best B
Georgia Clarke v Alistair Wood C
Douglas Howie v Gavin Nicol D
Donald Ross v Alistair Wood B
Andy Cameron v Gavin Nicol C
Mike McInnes v Dave Mcpherson D
Greig Stephen v Raymond Boyd E
Donald Ross v Dave Mcpherson A
Mike McInnes v Jodi Best B
Greig Stephen v Graeme Govan C
Andy Cameron v Raymond Boyd D
Janice Rankin v Gavin Nicol B
Alan Campbell v Alistair Wood C
Georgia Clarke v Dave Mcpherson D
Douglas Howie v Raymond Boyd E
Donald Ross v Jodi Best A
Graeme Govan v Andy Cameron B
Mike McInnes v Greig Stephen C
Alan Campbell v Gavin Nicol D
Alistair Wood v Dave Mcpherson B
Janice Rankin v Raymond Boyd C
Georgia Clarke v Jodi Best D
Douglas Howie v Graeme Govan E
Greig Stephen v Donald Ross A
Andy Cameron v Mike McInnes B
Dave Mcpherson v Alan Campbell C
Raymond Boyd v Gavin Nicol D
Jodi Best v Alistair Wood B
Graeme Govan v Janice Rankin C
Georgia Clarke v Greig Stephen D
Mike McInnes v Douglas Howie E
Donald Ross v Andy Cameron A
Raymond Boyd v Alan Campbell B
Dave Mcpherson v Jodi Best C
Graeme Govan v Gavin Nicol E
Greig Stephen v Alistair Wood B
Mike McInnes v Janice Rankin C
Andy Cameron v Georgia Clarke D
Donald Ross v Douglas Howie E
Jodi Best v Alan Campbell A
Raymond Boyd v Graeme Govan B
Dave Mcpherson v Greig Stephen C
Mike McInnes v Gavin Nicol D
Alistair Wood v Andy Cameron B
Donald Ross v Janice Rankin C
Alan Campbell v Graeme Govan D
Georgia Clarke Douglas Howie E
Jodi Best v Greig Stephen A
Raymond Boyd v Mike McInnes B
Dave Mcpherson v Andy Cameron C
Gavin Nicol v Donald Ross D
Alistair Wood v Douglas Howie B
Janice Rankin v Georgia Clarke C
Alan Campbell v Greig Stephen D
Graeme Govan v Mike McInnes E
Andy Cameron v Jodi Best A
Raymond Boyd v Donald Ross B
Douglas Howie v Dave Mcpherson C
Gavin Nicol v Georgia Clarke D
Alistair Wood v Janice Rankin B
Alan Campbell v Mike McInnes C
Greig Stephen v Andy Cameron D
Graeme Govan v Donald Ross E
Douglas Howie v Jodi Best A
Raymond Boyd v Georgia Clarke B
Dave Mcpherson v Janice Rankin C
Gavin Nicol v Alistair Wood D
Donald Ross v Mike McInnes B
Graeme Govan v Georgia Clarke C
Alan Campbell v Andy Cameron D
Douglas Howie v Greig Stephen E


AGM - 28/03/2022 @ 9:15pm - Sunninghill Hotel

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