Draw & Results

Wed 25 Nov
18.40InvernessAlex Scott vs Tom Pendreigh 5 – 72 – 5
Mon 07 Dec
18.40InvernessAngus Forbes vs Ali Fraser 5 – 93 – 4
Tue 12 Jan
21.00ElginAlan Durno vs Kenny Oswald
21.00ElginSteve Rankin vs Andy Cameron
Tue 09 Feb
21.00ElginTom Pendreigh v winner game 3
21.00ElginAli Fraser v winner game 4
21.15ElginAli Asher vs Andrew Allardyce
21.15ElginMike McInnes vs Wilson Burnett
Sat 20 Feb
18:50Inverness ***** winner game 5 v winner game 6; date to be confirmed
18:50Inverness ***** winner game 7 v winner game 8;date to be confirmed
Tue 23 Mar
18.45Elgin ***** Final


Donated by Jimmy Cattell of Dalcross Curling Club. A member of Dave MacArthur’s competitive rink, his unique but highly effective style of delivery was recognised in all ice rinks in which he curled.

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