Over the last number of years there have been serious problems with sheets A & E at the Moray Leisure Centre with 3 & 4 feet of run back on both sheets at both ends following the tattie holidays during which time there is no curling for the two weeks there is ice skating only.

From the start of 2011_2012 curling season to the start of the tattie holidays in October A & E have been tricky but acceptable to play curling on.

The first games played on the ice pad following the tattie holidays W/C 24/10/11 were in the Elgin Super League and A & E were every bit as consistent as any other sheet to the relief of both the curlers and the Ice Technicians.

The following 2 weeks 31/10 and 7/11 were difficult but by 16th November The Leisure Centre decided that A & E were not playable and so cancelled games scheduled for 7pm and 9pm.

The 16th of November being a Wednesday is the end of our curling week and so we live in hope the Ice Technicians can overcome the problems they have for next week.