Unfortunately I was unable to attend this final however I did have my son and heir there so got immediate feedback.

The game was played between East Division 1League winner S Macintosh (Buckie) skipped by A Campbell and Neil MacArthur West Division 1 League Winners.

Played at Moray Leisure Centre on what was described as “ACCEPTABLE/TO GOOD” by one punter with Neil MacArthur reportedly saying, HE HAD EXPECTED A LOT WORSE AND OR THIS WAS THE BEST HE HAD PLAYED ON AT ELGIN, so at least no one can blame the ice in Elgin for a change.

The game was very competitive and produced a lot of good shot playing from both sides, the first two end were blanked then Campbell took a 2 quickly followed by Neil taking a 2 on the 4th end.

Campbell took his 1 on the 5th end making it 3 – 2 then managed to steal a single on ends six and seven making the final score 5 – 2

Sandy Macintosh and Gavin the two spectators reckoned they played the game better than those on the ice but as usual two skips playing off the ice  never lose!

Following the game the teams adjourned to the Sunninghill for suitable refreshments. Gus and Steve took their cars home first; Gus appeared very quickly but no sign of Steve who was surely not allowed out to play.

Bill Nicol