A SOLUTION which could lift the threat of closure from Moray’s only ice rink may have been found


European legislation meant Moray Leisure Centre was faced with finding up to £500,000 (Guide MLC to TMC) to replace its refrigeration plant because the R22 gas used in it will be outlawed by December 31, 2014.

It looked as though the rink, which is operated by a trust but with a large subsidy each year from Moray Council, might have to close.

However, Drew Baillie, chairman of the leisure centre’s board of management, revealed at Moray Skating Club’s Ice Extravaganza that a much cheaper solution has been identified.

That will see the rink supplied with a drop-in gas currently being developed, which will be guaranteed for at least five years and complies with EU guidelines, and some modifications to the pipe work and electrical system on the current plant carried out.

The total cost of the work is likely to be in the region of £40,000 to £50,000 which Mr Baillie believes is achievable.

“This is terrific news,” said Mr Baillie. “I would like to thank everybody who has worked hard to make this a good news story for the ice users.”

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