Tonight saw the Moray Province Points played at Elgin with 18 taking part.
The winner with 43 points was Andy Cameron (Aberlour) 2nd on 41 points was Alex Scott (Nairn) and in 3rd place on 36 points was Amy MacDonald (Forres).

That see the end of all the Moray Province Competitions for this season bar the Nicol Quaich on Tuesday 25th March at Inverness at 2100.

Andy Cameron
East Match Secretary

I thought the easiest way of getting back on the ice without being confined for two hours was to Mark the Points

What a great night i had to see these 18 curlers turn out to represent their clubs and take part in the spirit of the game, each and every one of the participants obviously to me enjoyed the night with plenty of crack and banter each time they came round to my sheet some were playing out of their skin others were struggling but did better on other sheets.

The Ice had draw both ways and was keen however you always get one i e Andy Cameron playing the draw to the house said “Awe there is a run back there” what utter crap if you have the whole house to draw to a run back is the least of your worries.

The Nairn CC rep Alex Scott played well so good in fact he came to me at the end and said he would have a word with Keithy about coming through to get a few tips from our ice Techs.

Seriously though last night reminded me of the good old days when everybody came to enjoy themselves and did, the only thing missing was the watering hole between shots but hay ho there were plenty of VENDING MACHINES.

Thanks to the two match secretaries who set up the evening Moira and “Run Back”

Web Mannie