I have taken this report by our Senior Representative to the Royal Club from Facebook fully aware you do not all partake in social media, however in saying that i am not sure if all read this web site out of season.

Update from ASC meeting which I attended on 7th August as Area 10 rep along with Ormond Smith.

Incoming Swiss Tour to curl at Inverness on Monday 17th Nov with a dinner at the Kingsmills that evening. Although only 1 rink per province will be able to curl, all curlers are welcome to attend the dinner in the evening.

A decision was made that curlers will contribute £3 each to a gift to be given at the closing banquet. So no local gifts to be given at each venue. On grounds of cost, luggage space & repetition.

An indoor grand match is to be reintroduced at 5-year intervals as opposed to 10. Provisional date for 2015 is Sat 24th October.

**A review of RCCC strategy as well as the function of the ASC is ongoing. It is not anticipated that any major changes will take place to the ASC, merely clarifying the role we play.

Detailed minutes of above meeting will be available on the R C C C website shortly.

** Had a smile to my self here Ali when i think of Area 10 AGM when both Snr and Jnr reps + President of R C C C could not in two cases and would not in one case discuss this point. Hey ho water under the bridge