In the last report regarding the ice rink review (see previous news item) it was agreed at that special meeting of the Moray Council on the 2nd July that a new plant should be installed at the Moray Leisure Centre, with the officers being asked to progress with this and report back before the next Council meeting on the 27th August having consulted with the M L C, and an independent adviser as to which equipment and which gas would be most cost effective including final costs and time scale.

Unfortunately this date slipped and it was only as recently as Thursday and Friday 9th and 10th October that a consultant arrived on site and had verbal discussions with Moray Council Officers & Moray Leisure Centre management on the Thursday, with the consultant giving an update to ICE4ALL on the Friday along with an officer from the Moray Council, unfortunately there was no representative from Moray Leisure Centre Management at this particular meeting.

I am reporting this as web master and not on behalf of ICE4ALL as I am sure they will update the ice users with the relevant information they feel they can discuss and if and when they do I will put up a news item to cover that.

From what I can gather the ICE4All reps were impressed with the consultant and would expect his report to be very comprehensive not only covering the plant but more a broader report on the ice rink they expect the  report will include options for members to consider along with recommendations.
As far as i know no date was given for this report from the consultant

Bill Nicol
M.P. Web master