Quotation from Elgin Super League Secretary:- Alistair Maltman 28/10/14

Over the years ice quality has been an issue in Elgin however the hard work of the present ice technicians is paying off and considerable improvements have been made to speed and swing. Congratulations, keep up the good work. “END Quote”

The above commendation is very much warranted in return for the effort being put in to all the challenges which making curling ice produces.

It has been standard for the last twenty years  that we experience poor curling ice after the tattie holidays, however this year goes back to September when they got a grip of the ice pad and gave us good consistent curling ice after the summer skating from March to September, and that was without closing for two weeks removing the old ice and laying down new. THIS IS DEFINITELY A FIRST for M. L. C. so congratulations to the ice techs.

Keep up the good work lads and i hope ALL curlers are verbally passing on their thanks to you, if they are not they should be YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE
do so its good to talk.

Bill Nicol
Web Master