Members of the Development Group held a Try Curling session at Moray Leisure Ice Rink on Saturday on really good, swingy ice when a good mixture of potential junior and adult curlers tried curling. There was a good ratio of coaches to ‘triers’ and everyone seemed to enjoy the session which ended with a one end game. This was a real end and the winning shot from Ade was magnificent – almost on the pot lid. Had he not played it so well the opposition would have won by 2 shots.

It is hoped that the adult coaching session on Monday evenings, which start just after 5pm and the Junior Club which are on Wednesdays from 5:30pm will gain some new members and they will then be encouraged to join the local clubs.

If any club is intending holding a Try curling event PLEASE speak to someone in the Development Group because this can be financially beneficial.
Try curling will stay on the Moray Province web site for information, Access here
Sandra MacIver
Lead coach on the day