Moray Province Curling Development Group

If there is sufficient interest Campbell Ross will hold a tactics evening at Moray Leisure Centre Training room on Monday 12 January at 7.15 pm.
Please can all Moray Club secretaries circulate your members but can those interested please contact Sandra directly if you wish to attend. There will be a limit on numbers but if there is sufficient interest the event can be repeated.

This will be adapted for Juniors and Adults wishing to understand the basic tactics of the game applied by the skip.
Those attending do not require to be a skip, all four players should have an understanding of tactics

Sandra MacIver​

Thought for the evening (Web Master)
This evening was intended to provide a template for a team to understand the process of establishing a plan and to motivate you and your team members to take the time, away from the ice surface to proceed through the process of tactics.

I’m well aware that some of you, reading to this point, might be somewhat disappointed. You expected, at some point, that It
would help you call the right shot.

Well, It did but in the manner of the parable of the starving fisherman.
Rather than give you fish to eat which will keep you alive for a finite period of time, I’ve provided the
fishing gear and skill to use it so you can feed yourself indefinitely.