Information from Judith McCleary Head of Development at the Royal Club

Two people have been confirmed to lead the R C C C Strategy & Tactics Night at Findhorn organised by Moray Province Curling Development Group.
David Jones – R C C C Development Officer, R C C C Level 2 Coach, Curling Academy Coach and Coach at several junior and adult camps.

Ewan MacDonald – 3 x Olympian, 3 x World Champion, 2 x European Champion & total of 209 games played internationally to date

More info to follow at a later date.

Moray Province curlers Judith has pulled out the best for us.
David perhaps not so well known up here but very well known in the curling fraternity in the central belt and in and around Dundee and Fife

Ewan Macdonald well lets face it he is the greatest player / skip to have come out of North of Perth ever.
Ewan over and above his curling abilities has a gift for strategy and tactics with a personality to put it across to anyone who wants to learn we are very privileged to have the loon come to Moray with David and give us the benefit of their knowledge and experiences
Friday 20th November – more details later.