Posted on Monday, November 30, 2015 at 11:54am

Team Bryce - High Road Winners web

The Baljaffray Trophy was contested this weekend as part of the Asham Under 17 Slam, where Team Bryce (pictured, right) proved victorious. 24 teams competed, split into six sections of four for the round robin, with the top team progressing to the high road, while the second placed teams went on to play the low road. All quarter final games commenced at 10am on Sunday 29th November and it was at this stage that Team Kinnear – previously unbeaten in this seasons slam – were knocked out by Scott Lockhart’s rink (Scott Lockhart, Kerr Waddell, Alistair Torrance, Gavin Hay).

Team Gilmore - High Road Runners UpThe final of the High Road saw Team Bryce (Amy Bryce, Leeane McKenzie, Jill Strang, Nicola Joiner) take on Team Gilmore (Andrew Gilmore, Blair Haswell, Fraser Morton, Lauren Smith – pictured left). It was a fairly equal game, with the score just 3-3 after six ends, when taken to an extra end Team Bryce managed to steal one for the win.


This weekend saw various teams successfully emerge from lower on the leader board to make it to the final stages of the competition, and has therefore shaken up the Slam results quite impressively. The current third to seventh placed teams are all within six points of one another, and with two slams to go it’s all to play for! See below for images of the winners and runners up from the Low Road Final, for line scores and the leader board, please visit the Asham Under 17 Slam – The Baljaffray Trophy page.

Low Road Winners (left): Tim Hof (skip), Stuart Anderson, Fraser MacDonald, David Smith
Low Road Runners Up (right): Callum Jacklin (skip), Ross McCulloch, Marran Nicol, James Carter
Team Hof - Low Road Winners Team Jacklin - Low Road Runners Up