Moray Province Annual Achievement Award

Curling Season 2015/2016
As Agreed by the Province Committee on 24th February 2009
The Moray Province was delighted to accept the Ice Diamond award from Moray Province Curling Development Group. The trophy will be presented to a curler or curlers from the Province who have excelled during the previous curling season.
It was decided that a voting form should be placed on the Province Website early in the season to ensure that all members of the Province have the opportunity to submit a nomination(s).


You may submit up to 3 names with no candidate receiving more than one nomination.

Each member of your club is entitled to vote and submissions should be returned to the Province Secretary.

In order that the Province Executive can select the winner(s), based on the highest number of votes, nominations should be returned by the 22nd of April 2016.

Your voting form should be returned to:

Mike Pickthall,

Province Secretary,

11 Rose Avenue,


IV30 1NX.

      Proposer & Club       Candidate      Brief Reason for Nomination