Addition appeal M. L. C. Directors

I would ask all curlers in the Moray Province to put their mind to the advert by The Moray Leisure Centre for nominations of three Directors, which has a CLOSING DATE: 12 NOON ON FRIDAY, 15 APRIL 2016.

The importance of this is already laid out in a posting on this Web Site in the previous news item as follows


ICE4ALL has a committee meeting scheduled for 6th April to discuss the above and your representatives on that Committee are

Neil Durno your President who can be contacted on 01542815587 or

Campbell Ross who can be contacted on 01309690097, or

Gregor Ewan who can be contacted on 07707875629            or

Bill Nicol is also on the committee as Vice President of ICE4ALL 01309672023

Please if you have any input to this subject please contact one of the above, any input what’s so ever to assist we too get a nominee or nominations in place and on time.