In Division 2 the top of the table clash saw Nicol take top spot away from Milne. They were peeled 2-2 after 4 ends then Nicol sealed the game scoring 5. Milne scored 2 at the next end but Nicol picked up a single at the last to win 8-4.

In Division 4 the top two rinks also played each other. Here M Keen consolidated her lead and is well on the way to securing promotion. Keen took the first 5 ends to lead 7-0 before Cantlay scored 3 in the next 2 ends. In the final end Keen scored 1 to win 8-3.

The other Division 4 game saw a close game between A Maltman and J Carter. After 8 ends they were peeled 5-5 and despite having last stone Maltman failed to clear Carter’s well hidden shot so Carter won 6-5 and keeps his promotion hopes alive.

In Division 5 promotion hopeful N Watt had a good start against F Sutherland leading 7-2 after 5 ends. Sutherland then staged a mini come back but could only score 3 in the last 2 ends so Watt won 7-5.

The final game, also in Division 5 saw H Downey lead L Hardie 3-2 after 4 ends. Downey then scored 3 shots in the next 2 ends and as Hardie picked up a single in the last Downey won 6-3.

Alastair Maltman