At last some detail obtained. (Sorry to those asking no detail as to how or when participants will be selected

Dear Club Secretary,
A Canadian touring team will be visiting Elgin on Tuesday the 16th of January when they will play four Province rinks at Moray Leisure Centre for the Strathcona Cup, starting at 2.00pm; support from your members would be most welcome. In the evening, the tourist will attend a dinner in their honour at the Sunninghill Hotel. Should any of your members wish to attend the dinner, they are most welcome to do so.
The cost for the evening will be £30, with cheques made payable to Moray Province. 
The dress for the evening will be jacket and tie, kilt or Rccc or tour blazer for the gentlemen and appropriate attire for the ladies. 
Any of your members wishing to attend the dinner should let me know by Monday the 8th of January at the latest. ( 01343545841)

With kind regards,
Mike Pickthall
Province Secretary

As loaned from Canadian Facebook (THANK YOU)

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