As I’m sure you are all aware, Moray Province will be hosting  a Canadian Touring team which is competing for the Strathcona Cup against Province teams throughout Scotland. Sixteen of our members will represent Moray Province East in the match starting at 2.00pm on Tuesday the 16th of January at the Moray Leisure Centre; if you have the time to spare and you would like to support your Province teams, your presence would be very welcome.

Mike Pickthall

Dear all,
On behalf of the Organising Committee can I thank you all for your assistance in planning, and preparing for, the Strathcona Cup Tour 2018 which started on with the arrival of the Canadians on Wednesday and got down to the serious bit, curling, on Thursday.

The Closing Banquet for the Strathcona Cup Tour 2018 is to be held at The Capital Hotel in Edinburgh on 2nd February with a start time of 7.00pm.

The Strathcona Cup will be presented to the winning team during the evening.

The Canadian touring party will be joined by members of the Strathcona Cup Tour 2013 and partners, and also curlers and partners, who play the final (non-counting) games of Friday 2nd February for the RCCC.

We would like to invite curlers, and partners, from across the country to join the celebrations on this last night of the Tour.

Ticket costs are £35.00 per person.

We do need to confirm numbers two weeks before the event, apologies for short timescale, and would ask anyone wishing to attend the event to contact Phil Barton, Secretary of the Organising Committee, with your request for the number of tickets you would like and the names of those wishing to attend.

Phil can be contacted via e mail at

Accommodation is available at the hotel and should be arranged separately by those wishing accommodation.

Please pass this invitation on  to as many as you can.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as can make it.


Graham Lindsay