A little more information on government funding allocated to ice rinks with Inverness receiving £189,000 which will help mitigate the impact of the pandemic and ensure they are able to reopen safely when the time is right.

For more information see – The Press Release

Inverness Ice Center – Chairman’s statement March 2021

In June last year, the Board took the unanimous decision to reopen the Ice Centre, thereby providing continuity for members and users of all three ice sports. As a result of strict adherence to new COVID compliant procedures and protocols, we incurred significant additional operating costs. In addition to the increased costs, we experienced a sharp drop in income due to COVID restricted capacity and a reduction in those willing to participate in the new environment. The combination of significant rises in expenditure and reduced income, allied with a second lockdown in December, has had a significant impact on the Ice Centre finances

Therefore, the £189,000 awarded by the Scottish Government to Inverness Ice Centre is timely and most welcome. The grant comes from their £1.75million funding package to help support independent and privately owned or operated ice rinks during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. I would take this opportunity to thank Bruce Crawford (Scottish Curling) , Mike Ferguson (SIRA) and Kate Forbes and her team at Sport Scotland for their hard work and diligence in helping us secure the funding. I would also thank Ice Centre CEO Gordon Barron for his thorough and professional application, which enabled us to secure the funding.

Looking ahead, the Board will be reviewing a range of options and proposals, many already in our long term plans, designed to assist in the creation of a more sustainable business model. During this process, we will continue with our policy of open and transparent engagement with all our stakeholders. Therefore, as we move forward, I am delighted to announce that two new directors are joining the Board. In Neil Gillies and Keith Hudson, we have two individuals with remarkable CV’s and proven track records. These are indeed challenging times. However I am confident that we have the team in place to ensure a bright future for Inverness Ice Centre .

Michael G Green