The Moray Province Committee invites all members to join a Virtual Annual General Meeting via Zoom on Wednesday the 12th of May 2021 at 7.30pm.
To join, please click on the link below:
Because the AGM is virtual everyone can easily participate from the comfort of their own home.
Stephen Rankin completes his two year term of office as President and therefore, has to stand down at the AGM. I am standing down as Secretary, having carried out the role for a considerable number of years. Nominations are required to fill the vacant posts of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Match Secretary West. Stephen and Mike McInnes have both agreed to be nominated to fill the two additional club member Committee vacancies. Would you please urge all your members to consider stepping up to the plate by putting their names forward to fill one the vacant posts. If these roles are not filled, the Committee will struggle to carry out the day-to-day business and there is a very real threat to the future of Moray Province.

I have attached the Agenda, previous Minutes, Virtual AGM 2021 Proforma and the various reports for information.
The Committee very much looks forward to welcoming all your members to the meeting on Wednesday the 12th of May at 7.30pm and are hoping for a large turnout.

With kind regards,
Mike Pickthall