League Table

SkipPlayedWonLostDrawnShots ForShots AgainstEnds WonDiffPoints
Greenwood, Callum9711601627-315
Fraser, Ali9630601633312
Craigie, Robbie954051929010
Kerr, Larry94505323568
Asher, Ali945048-1229-38
McInnes, Mike908138-3128-31

Draw & Results

Wed 02 Oct
18:50Larry Kerr vs Callum Greenwood 5 – 74 – 4
18:50Robbie Craigie vs Mike McInnes 7 – 62 – 5
18:50Ali Asher vs Ali Fraser 4 – 92 – 5
Wed 23 Oct
18:50Ali Fraser vs Mike McInnes 11 – 15 – 1
18:50Larry Kerr vs Robbie CraigieP Macintyre 2 – 42 – 3
18:50Ali Asher vs Callum Greenwood 3 – 93 – 3
Wed 06 Nov
18:50Ali Asher vs Larry Kerr 8 – 53 – 3
18:50Ali Fraser vs Robbie Craigie 9 – 64 – 3
18:50Callum Greenwood vs Mike McInnesJ Macrae 7 – 62 – 5
Wed 20 Nov
18:50Ali Asher Ross Cope vs Mike McInnes 6 – 43 – 3
18:50Ali Fraser vs Larry Kerr 4 – 83 – 5
Wed 04 Dec
18:50Larry Kerr vs Mike McInnes 10 – 35 – 2
18:50Ali Asher vs Robbie Craigie 2 – 112 – 5
18:50Ali Fraser vs Callum GreenwoodRory Greenwood 5 – 63 – 3
Wed 08 Jan
18:50Ali Asher vs Ali Fraser 7 – 45 – 2
18:50Robbie Craigie vs Mike McInnes 9 – 44 – 3
18:50Larry Kerr vs Callum Greenwood 6 – 93 – 4
Wed 22 Jan
18:50Larry Kerr vs Robbie Craigie 5 – 44 – 4
18:50Ali Fraser vs Mike McInnes 5 – 43 – 4
18:50Ali Asher vs Callum Greenwood 5 – 84 – 4
Wed 05 Feb
18:50Callum Greenwood vs Mike McInnes 6 – 63 – 2
18:50Ali Asher vs Larry Kerr 5 – 63 – 4
18:50Ali Fraser vs Robbie Craigie 6 – 25 – 2
Wed 19 Feb
18:50Callum Greenwood vs Robbie Craigie 1 – 51 – 3
18:50Ali Fraser vs Larry Kerr 7 – 63 – 5
18:50Ali Asher vs Mike McInnes 8 – 44 – 3
Wed 26 Feb
18:50Robbie Craigie vs Callum Greenwood 3 – 73 – 3

Updates From the Rink

  • Moray Province Virtual Annual General Meeting 2021

    The Moray Province Committee invites all members to join a Virtual Annual General Meeting via Zoom on Wednesday the 12th of May 2021 at 7.30pm.
    To join, please click on the link below:
    Because the AGM is virtual everyone can easily participate from the comfort of their own home.
    Stephen Rankin completes his two year term of office as President and therefore, has to stand down at the AGM. I am standing down as Secretary, having carried out the role for a considerable number of years. Nominations are required to fill the vacant posts of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Match Secretary West. Stephen and Mike McInnes have both agreed to be nominated to fill the two additional club member Committee vacancies. Would you please urge all your members to consider stepping up to the plate by putting their names forward to fill one the vacant posts. If these roles are not filled, the Committee will struggle to carry out the day-to-day business and there is a very real threat to the future of Moray Province.

    I have attached the Agenda, previous Minutes, Virtual AGM 2021 Proforma and the various reports for information.
    The Committee very much looks forward to welcoming all your members to the meeting on Wednesday the 12th of May at 7.30pm and are hoping for a large turnout.

    With kind regards,
    Mike Pickthall

  • Province Virtual AGM 2021 Proforma.doc
  • Province Virtual AGM 2021 Proforma.doc
  • Province Reports 2021.docx
  • Province Reports 2021.docx
  • Province Virtual AGM 2021 Agenda.doc
  • Province Virtual AGM 2021 Agenda.doc
  • Virtual AGM Minutes 19 Aug 20.docx
  • Virtual AGM Minutes 19 Aug 20.docx
  • Moray Province Curling Development Group (MPCDG) – AGM 12th April 2021

    Fellow Curlers

    Well what a year it has been! The world has seen a pandemic resulting in a terrible loss of life and devastation for many. It has without a doubt changed society as we  know it, but only time will tell.

    On a more positive note, things are beginning to open up, albeit in a data led speed.

    Curling like all other sports has been hit one way or another by restrictions in what we can and cannot do.  We at the MPCDG have continued to hold regular meetings via zoom, to try and take stock of where we are and where we want to be in the future with a view to promote and develop the sport of curling.

     I think all curlers have seen or realised that the number of club members and participants in the sport has fallen significantly over the past few years. The role of  the MPCDG is to try and reverse that trend, but we realise that it will not be an easy task with many other sports and activities trying to do the same.

    We have the backing of Scottish Curling both financially and practically. There is a dedicated team within the MPCDG who give up a lot of their own time to promote curling to new members ie school children, adults and corporate groups.

    The MPCDG run “come and try sessions”, including Wheel chair curling, and people with various disabilities ensuring inclusiveness for all. The MPCDG also encourage those who are interested in coaching to take the various levels of coaching awards run by Scottish Curling.

    However, like everyone else we need the support of not only the members of the curling community, but of those in the public domain and I would encourage you to attend the above webinar using the link supplied, not only to hear what the MPCDG are proposing, but to get your valued input on the best way forward.


    Eddie Milne


    Link to Meeting


    Associated Documents

  • MPCDG – Agenda AGM 12-4-21.docx
  • MPCDG – Agenda AGM 12-4-21.docx
  • MPCDG – AGM Minutes 2.11.20.docx
  • MPCDG – AGM Minutes 2.11.20.docx
  • Curl Up – Measure Up

    Scottish Curling have been running a series of webinars over the past three months  to help us all get through a winter of no/little curling. The next one is on Tuesday 30th March (7.00-8.30pm) and entitled “Measure Up!” It features Alan Stansfield from Nairn Curling Club, plus another international umpire. The intention is to share a behind the scenes look at a championship from an umpiring perspective, plus there are some unique video situations to share, as well as stories to tell of his experiences. It is aimed at ALL curlers from Club to elite, and is definitely not just for umpires.

    For anyone who might be interested, who has not seen the information on the Scottish Curling website, the link to register is set out below; it is free to all RCCC members, all that is required is your membership number. 

  • Inverness Ice Center Recieves £189,000

    A little more information on government funding allocated to ice rinks with Inverness receiving £189,000 which will help mitigate the impact of the pandemic and ensure they are able to reopen safely when the time is right.

    For more information see – The Press Release

    Inverness Ice Center – Chairman’s statement March 2021

    In June last year, the Board took the unanimous decision to reopen the Ice Centre, thereby providing continuity for members and users of all three ice sports. As a result of strict adherence to new COVID compliant procedures and protocols, we incurred significant additional operating costs. In addition to the increased costs, we experienced a sharp drop in income due to COVID restricted capacity and a reduction in those willing to participate in the new environment. The combination of significant rises in expenditure and reduced income, allied with a second lockdown in December, has had a significant impact on the Ice Centre finances

    Therefore, the £189,000 awarded by the Scottish Government to Inverness Ice Centre is timely and most welcome. The grant comes from their £1.75million funding package to help support independent and privately owned or operated ice rinks during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. I would take this opportunity to thank Bruce Crawford (Scottish Curling) , Mike Ferguson (SIRA) and Kate Forbes and her team at Sport Scotland for their hard work and diligence in helping us secure the funding. I would also thank Ice Centre CEO Gordon Barron for his thorough and professional application, which enabled us to secure the funding.

    Looking ahead, the Board will be reviewing a range of options and proposals, many already in our long term plans, designed to assist in the creation of a more sustainable business model. During this process, we will continue with our policy of open and transparent engagement with all our stakeholders. Therefore, as we move forward, I am delighted to announce that two new directors are joining the Board. In Neil Gillies and Keith Hudson, we have two individuals with remarkable CV’s and proven track records. These are indeed challenging times. However I am confident that we have the team in place to ensure a bright future for Inverness Ice Centre .

    Michael G Green


  • Province Club Members’ Forum 25 Feb 21 – notes.doc
  • Province Club Members’ Forum Notes – 25/02/2021
  • Province Club Members Forum – 25/02/2021

    The second Virtual Province Club Members’ Forum will take place on Thursday the 25th of February 2021 at 7.30pm.
    The Province Committee will update club members on what is happening within the Province and give those attending the opportunity to ask questions and make any suggestions that they think appropriate; this is an ideal opportunity for curlers to participate in the Forum from the comfort of their own sitting room.

    To join the Forum, go to: https://gordonandmacphail.zoom.us/j/91934373290?pwd=UUE5QlViRldzYXJtRU0wTDdsVk9iQT09&from=addon

    Mike Pickthall
    Province Secretary

  • Province Curling 2020/21

    Sister and Brother curlers,

    it will come as no surprise to you that as of today the executive has taken the decision that no Province Competitions can be held this season.

    Following further and regular discussion with MLC management ,it is clear that any potential ice availability before the traditional end of the curling season would not allow a realistic Province Curling Season.

    We understand that should ice become available before Easter, the Province would be supportive of any social curling such as a weekend bonspiel .

    The cancellation of Province competitions does not of course preclude individual clubs or organisations from using any curling ice that may be made available.

    Curling at Inverness Ice Centre has already been cancelled and , as no more than 4 League games were possible, it has been decided to declare the Moray Province West League null and void.

    The Province intend to hold another Zoom Province Forum on 25th February and you will receive an invitation to this in due course.

    Best regards,

    Bill Jaffrey ( Match Sec)


    Snowdoun, 11 Rose Avenue, Elgin, Morayshire, IV30 1NX pickthallm37@gmail.com 01343545841 4th January 2021 Dear Province Club Member, PROVINCE SECRETARY REPLACEMENT Mike Pickthall has been Province Secretary since May 2013 and has decided to stand down at the 2021 AGM, so a replacement will be required. During his time as Secretary, Mike has compiled paper records and a comprehensive data base of information, all of which has been transferred onto a memory stick for reference and as a permanent historical record; this will be available to whoever takes over. To make the work of the Committee as straightforward as possible, an “Office Bearers’ Calendar” is available to each Committee member, setting out the tasks which need to be completed during the year. Mike has said that he will make himself available to assist his replacement and has suggested that whoever takes over might like to consider being co-opted onto the Committee prior to the AGM, as one of the two additional club members. Mike is giving the Province early notice of his departure to allow plenty of time for a replacement to be nominated before the 2021 AGM. With kind regards, Stephen Rankin President
    MORAY LEISURE CENTRE ICE RINK CLOSURE Dear Club Member, Because of the Scottish Government’s latest Covid regulations, the Moray Leisure Centre ice rink will not now open for curling on the 4th of January as originally planned. The latest information received by the Province Committee would indicate that the ice rink will remain closed until the end of January at the earliest. As I’m sure you are all aware, with this pandemic, the situation is fluid and frequently changes and therefore, plans have to be changed. As information is made available to the Committee, it will be circulated to the club secretaries so that you are kept informed. I appreciate how frustrating this is but rest assured, as soon as the Committee is made aware of what is being planned by MLC, we will update you about any future plans for the 2021 season. May I, on behalf of the Province Committee, wish you and your family a safe and joyful Christmas and a happy New Year. Yours Faithfully, Mike Pickthall Province Secretary 
  • Members Forum 2nd December


    The Province President welcomed everyone to the Forum and explained that its purpose was to inform club members about what was happening in the Province and to give club them the opportunity to ask questions, raise any issues they wished to have discussed and make any suggestions that they thought appropriate. MLC Return to Curling Update Cameron Clark updated the meeting. Curling is planned to start on the 4th of January It is planned to lay the ice down before Christmas It is anticipated that 4 sheets will be used and that sheet “C” will be left vacant Session start times with staggered starts still to be decided. Possibly 6.30 t0 8.45pm and 9.00pm to 11.15pm Benches would be available for shoe changing Controlled entry/exit via the sheet “B” fire door Curlers required to phone the Leisure Centre in advance giving name and contact number and paying by card for their own ice All equipment will be sanitised prior to each session and sanitiser and wipes will be available at both ends of each sheet Curlers to use the same stones throughout the game No spectators allowed and only those who have pre-booked will be permitted access to the ice rink All Club Covid Officers will be invited to take part in an informal walk through the facility with the Rink Covid Officer Face masks will be required when not on the ice and when moving about the building PROVINCE PROGRAMME PLANNING DETAILS Bill Jaffrey updated the meeting on his programme planning for the start of curling. Four leagues consisting of six teams playing each other once Safety protocols will be sent out to all the skips The League KO to be played The Points will not be played A decision on whether to run the Pairs Competition still to be taken A decision about promotions/demotions at the end of the season still to be finalised One team from the East and two from the West have dropped out of the League for the forthcoming season. One team from last season’s East Division 1 did not enter, so from Division 2, two teams were promoted and one relegated; this was because Division 3 had one withdrawal at beginning of season (the 3rd finishing team), therefore, there were two promotions from Division 3 and one relegation from Division 2. One Division 3 team withdrew due to Covid, so an extra team was moved up from Division 4 to Division 3. SUPERLEAGUE Graeme Govan anticipates 14 teams playing in Superleague with 8 in Division One and 6 in Division Two. He invited anyone who wished to play in Superleague to get in touch with him (govangraeme@hotmail.com). MEMBERS VIEWS ANNOUNCEMENTS AND QUESTIONS Matthew Smith was thanked by the President for his work upgrading the Province website. The content from the old website is in the process of being transferred onto the new one. Bill Nicol was thanked for the considerable amount work he has carried out scanning archive material which will eventually be available for members to view on the new website. Archive material has also been transferred onto a memory stick which will allow many of the paper records, which are bulky and take up space, to be disposed of. The MLC Christmas Bonspiel will not be held this year. Should it go ahead, the National Virtual Club Bonspiel is due to be hosted by MLC in March. The Scottish Curling Covid Guidelines will be sent to all the Province clubs for distribution to their members. Should non attendees have any queries raised by the minutes E:g Session Times, controlled entry, Ice Payment, Club covid Officers, then contact Mike P direct.🥌
  • Moray Province Forum ???
    Dear Club Secretary, Please could you forward this email to all your members. It is important that as many of your club members join the Zoom “Province Club Members’ Forum” to be updated on what is being planned with regard to the start of curling on the 4th of January in the East and what is already happening in the West. The Forum will also allow individual members to ask questions by using the  “hands up” procedure which will be explained to those not familiar with Zoom at the start of the Forum. Also for those not familiar with the wonders of Zoom, just click on the “join zoom meeting” in Stephen’s email and follow the links. The Province Committee looks forward to meeting as many of you as possible on Wednesday the 2nd of December at 7.30pm. With kind regards, Mike Pickthall Province Secretary

    Calum Greenwood’s Ardclach rink became Moray Province Champions last night in the Covid rearranged Nicol Quaich.  The Nairnshire crew were clear 8-2 winners over the East Winners, Buckie Curling Club skipped by whiskey supremo Steve Rankin.

    At Inverness Ice Centre, a score of 4 at the first end caught the understandably undercooked Buckie boys cold, and in the hands of a team as strong as the Greenwoods, that lead would prove a bridge too far for Rankin and co. Single shots were exchanged in ends two and three, and a canny shot from the experienced Neil Campbell at third set up the Ardclach lads for a single steal and a 6-1 lead after four ends. A Buckie single and a closing Ardclach deuce completed the scoring and a worthy win for the West winners.

    The winning rink comprised Callum Greenwood, Neil Campbell, Ruaridh Greenwood and James Greenwood and the Buckie team was Steve Rankin, Alan Campbell, Scott Seton and Tim Rutzler.


  • Agenda-Committee Meeting 1 Feb 2015.docx
  • Agenda For 2014 AGM.docx
  • Province-Committee-meeting-Minutes-29-Oct-17.docx
  • M-P-C-D-G-Minutes-30.10.17.docx
  • AGM-2017-AGENDA.docx
  • Province-AGM-Financials-2018.pdf
  • Province Executive Meeting Notes – 23-Oct-16.docx
  • Ice4All 2016 AGM.docx
  • Province Trophy Winners 2013-14.docx
  • Summary of report to Special Meeting of the Moray Council.docx
  • Province Virtual Annual General Meeting
    Dear Moray Province Club Member, All Moray Province Curlers are invited to a Zoom Annual General Meeting. When: Aug 19, 2020 07:30 PM London Register in advance for this meeting: https://gordonandmacphail.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMvfuyvrjMsGdAiQgXnLtphWAoC5QtlljXV After registering, a confirmation email will be received containing information about joining the meeting. Attached is the Agenda for the Meeting, the Minutes of the A G M held on 8th May 2019, the Office Bearers’ and Sub-Committee Conveners’ Reports and a note of bereavements. [embeddoc url=”https://moraycurling.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Province-Virtual-AGM-Agenda-2020.docx” download=”all” viewer=”microsoft”] [embeddoc url=”https://moraycurling.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Province-Virtual-AGM-2020-Reports.doc” download=”all” viewer=”microsoft”] [embeddoc url=”https://moraycurling.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Province-AGM-Minutes-8-May-19.docx” download=”all” viewer=”microsoft”] The Province Executive Committee very much looks forward to as many of your members as possible joining the meeting on the 19th. With kind regards, Mike Pickthall Province Secretary
  • Notes Reference Postponed Province A.G.M. 2020
    [embeddoc url=”https://moraycurling.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Letter-to-Province-Clubs-re-Postponed-AGM-2020-plus-Attachments.doc” download=”all” viewer=”microsoft”]
  • Proposals to Royal Caledonian Curling Club A. G. M.

    Proposal by Royal Club Board and Counter proposal from New Abbey Curling Club Royal Caledonian Curling Club Annual General Meeting Saturday 27th June on Line 2 pm

    Letter to Scottish Curling members, from Graham Lindsay, Chairman of the Board Dear Member You will have received the notice of the RCCC Annual General Meeting with a link to the online vote. I would like to share some information regarding the motion from New Abbey Curling Club, which you can view here

    Currently, Scotland’s top curlers benefit from a financial investment of £1.7m per year from UK Sport. This funding comes as a direct result of winning medals at previous Winter Olympics and helps many of our top teams achieve success all over the world every year. The players train as professional athletes with world class support and we want this to continue. If we do not allow a selection policy to be put in place, UK Sport may withdraw their funding. The consequences for the future would be:
    • The performance pathway programmes would be lost which could result in Scotland not qualifying for future World Championships.
    • This would result in Scotland not gaining qualifying points to allow GB to be involved in future Olympics
    • We would not be able to financially support the next generation of aspiring Olympians.
    • Other countries with performance funding could overtake our teams in world rankings.
    • The inability to gain a competitive edge against international rivals by playing against them worldwide.
    • Loss of the TV coverage and promotional benefit that participation in the Winter Olympics brings.
    Please note: This selection decision is only for the Olympic cycle to 2022. The World Championships in 2021 will be the only opportunity to gain qualifying points for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. You may not like the change to selection but it will provide the best Scottish curlers with greatest opportunity to compete against the best teams in the world. If you are going to vote, please think of the consequences, look to the future and not at the past. If you would like to read more detailed information from the board it can be seen here. I will be voting against the New Abbey Curling Club motion and encourage members to consider the points I have made before you cast your vote. Graham Lindsay =============================================================== Hi Bill Please could you put the attached letter onto the website to ensure both sides of the argument are aired. Many thanks, Mike Detail of proposal posted against The R.C.C.C Boards Motion [embeddoc url=”https://moraycurling.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Letter-from-New-Abbey-Curling-Club-1.docx” download=”all” viewer=”microsoft”]    
  • Moray Province Proposal Royal Club AGM
    Dear Club Member, You should have received an email from Scottish Curling giving notice of the 182nd Annual General Meeting of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club which includes a link to pre- register to attend, along with instructions on how to vote. Moray Province has submitted a proposal to amend Byelaw 5.11 of the RCCC Memorandum and Articles of Association which is attached for information. Please could you consider registering for the RCCC AGM and to take this opportunity to vote via the membership database (rcccmembers.org). This is a wonderful opportunity for you to attend the AGM without having to travel all the way to Stirling! With kind regards, Mike Pickthall Province Secretary[embeddoc url=”https://moraycurling.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Proposed-changes-to-RCCC-Byelaw-5.11.docx” download=”all” viewer=”microsoft”]