League Table

SkipPlayedWonLostDrawnShots TotalShots UpEnds WonPoints
Fraser, Ali44002614148
Greenwood, Callum43102918166
Kerr, Larry312015-662
Fraser, Mark413015-9122
Pottie, Bob30307-1760

Draw & Results

Wed 21 Oct
20.45Mark Fraser vs Bob Pottie [Neil Pottie] 5 – 34 – 3
20.45Callum Greenwood [Ruaraidh Greenwood] vs Ali Fraser 2 – 52 – 4
Wed 04 Nov
18.40Ali Fraser vs Mark Fraser 6 – 43 – 3
18.40Larry Kerr vs Bob Pottie
Wed 18 Nov
18.40Ali Fraser vs Bob Pottie [Neil Pottie] 9 – 23 – 2
20.45Callum Greenwood [Ruaraidh Greenwood] vs Larry Kerr [Alex Scott] 12 – 15 – 1
Wed 02 Dec
18.40Larry Kerr vs Ali Fraser 4 – 62 – 4
18.40Mark Fraser vs Callum Greenwood [Ruaraidh Greenwood] 3 – 52 – 4
Wed 16 Dec
20.45Callum Greenwood [Ruaraidh Greenwood] vs Bob Pottie [Neil Pottie] 10 – 25 – 1
20.45Larry Kerr vs Mark Fraser 10 – 33 – 3
Wed 06 Jan
18.40Ali Fraser vs Callum Greenwood
18.40Bob Pottie vs Mark Fraser
Wed 20 Jan
20.45Mark Fraser vs Ali Fraser
20.45Bob Pottie vs Larry Kerr
Wed 10 Feb
18.40Bob Pottie vs Ali Fraser
18.40Larry Kerr vs Callum Greenwood
Wed 10 Mar
18.40Callum Greenwood vs Mark Fraser
20.45Ali Fraser vs Larry Kerr
Wed 17 Mar
18.40Bob Pottie vs Callum Greenwood
18:50Mark Fraser vs Larry Kerr


Donated by David MacArthur of Ardclach Curling Club who was President of the Province when curling started at Inverness.

He was subsequently elected as an Honorary President in 1974 in recognition of his contribution to the game.

A farmer in Nairnshire, ‘Dave MacArthur’s rink’ were well-kent faces in Scottish curling.

It was presented to the winners of Division 1 until 1993 when the Province Leagues were split into East and West sections with the opening of Moray Leisure Centre.

Thereafter awarded to the Winners of Division 1 in the West.

Updates From the Rink

  • 7th October Match Report

    There were just 3 Division 3 games played this week in the Moray Province East League and all 3 resulted in convincing wins.
    Pacesetter Charlie Watt jnr’s Forres rink maintained their 100% record over the last 2 curling seasons with a crushing 12-1 win over Elgin’s Helen Downey. It seems like the Forres rink haven’t lost since Charlie Watt snr was in short trousers.
    Ballindalloch’s Gordie Kennedy found himself 3-0 down after the opening 2 ends against an inspired Linda Hardie’s Forres rink. The inspiration, however, was quickly doused,as the Speyside ensemble scored at each of the next 5 ends to run away to an 11-3 victory.
    In the battle of the Moray Juniors teams, it was Georgia Clarke’s rink that came out on top. Owen Watson opened the scoring with a single at the first end, but excellent tactics and shot execution by Georgia gave her a 9-1 lead after 3 ends. Two blanked ends followed before Owen picked up a score of 4 to even up the contest, but Clarke counted 2 at the last end for a solid 11-5 win.
    In the West, games were tighter. In Division 1 the Greenwood family with Uncle Neil Campbell had a real contest against Ali Asher. 4-3 down after 4 ends, the current Nicol Quaich holders came back with consecutive deuces and Asher skip Ross Cope could only pick up a single in the last end for a 7-5 Ardclach win.Mark Fraser finished strongly,picking up 5 unanswered shots in the last 3 ends in his victory over Larry Kerr while namesake Ally Fraser’s Ardclach team triumphed over Mike McInnes. A score of 5 at the second end was the decisive blow as the country loons put one over on their townie rivals in a 7-3 win.
    In Division 2 the game of the week saw Jamie Cattell just sneak past Angus Forbes in a real nail biter. Only single shots were traded over the 7 ends as Cattell edged to a 4-3 win.
    Ricky Marwick was 4-0 up after 2 ends against Ian Thomson who fought back to 4-4 after 5 ends and 6-6 after the penultimate end. Marwick,however, kept his cool and a terrific 3 at the last gave the Nairn skip his 9-6 victory.

    Moray Province East Division 3

    C.Watt jnr ( Forres) 12 (7)H. Downey (Elgin)1(1)
    G. Kennedy (Ballindalloch)11 (5)L. Hardie ( Forres)3(2)
    G. Clarke ( Moray Juniors) 11 (3)O. Watson ( Moray Juniors)5(2)

    West Division 1

    C. Greenwood ( Ardclach)7 (4)A. Asher ( Nairn)5(3)
    M. Fraser ( Dalcross)6(4) L. Kerr ( Nairn)3(2)
    A. Fraser ( Ardclach) 7(3) M. McInnes ( Nairn)3(3)

    West Division 2

    A. Forbes (Nairn)3(3) J. Cattell ( Nairn)4(4)
    I. Thomson ( Dalcross)6(3) R. Marwick ( Nairn)9(4)