Canadian Tour Join the crack

As I’m sure you are all aware, Moray Province will be hosting  a Canadian Touring team which is competing for the Strathcona Cup against Province teams throughout Scotland. Sixteen of our members will represent Moray Province East in the match starting at 2.00pm on Tuesday the 16th of January at the Moray Leisure Centre; if you have the time to spare and you would like to support your Province teams, your presence would be very welcome.

Mike Pickthall

Dear all,
On behalf of the Organising Committee can I thank you all for your assistance in planning, and preparing for, the Strathcona Cup Tour 2018 which started on with the arrival of the Canadians on Wednesday and got down to the serious bit, curling, on Thursday.

The Closing Banquet for the Strathcona Cup Tour 2018 is to be held at The Capital Hotel in Edinburgh on 2nd February with a start time of 7.00pm.

The Strathcona Cup will be presented to the winning team during the evening.

The Canadian touring party will be joined by members of the Strathcona Cup Tour 2013 and partners, and also curlers and partners, who play the final (non-counting) games of Friday 2nd February for the RCCC.

We would like to invite curlers, and partners, from across the country to join the celebrations on this last night of the Tour.

Ticket costs are £35.00 per person.

We do need to confirm numbers two weeks before the event, apologies for short timescale, and would ask anyone wishing to attend the event to contact Phil Barton, Secretary of the Organising Committee, with your request for the number of tickets you would like and the names of those wishing to attend.

Phil can be contacted via e mail at

Accommodation is available at the hotel and should be arranged separately by those wishing accommodation.

Please pass this invitation on  to as many as you can.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as can make it.


Graham Lindsay

East League New Results 10/01/18

Report on last league games sorry for delay M/Sect on the ball but i had man flu.

In the first knockout final of the season, Howard Anstruther’s Forres ,holders of the Gammack Bell, were comprehensively outplayed by Wilson Burnett. The Fochabers front end were superb and set up end after end, losing only a 2 at the sixth in a one sided 10-2 victory.A fabulous straight raise by Fiona Ewen knocking the stuffing out of the Forres four at the fourth end.

In league division 1, it was a productive week for Neil Durno, who had 2 good wins, first against Alan Campbell and then against Aberlour’s Andy Cameron. 3 generations of Cameron and a Sharpe couldn’t quite cut it against the consistent Fochabers combo.
Campbell’ s rink, however were more successful in their second game of the week against League leader Kenny Oswald. The Buckie team worked away and nicked a single shot win when Kenny’s last stone draw pulled up just short.

Neil Mustard finally won his first game of the season , the Darnaway lads were always ahead in their clash with Sunninghill.

In Division 2 Ryan Mackenzie, down 7-3 after 5 ends, picked up a 4 and a single steal to pip Bill Jaffrey’s league leaders .
Forres’ Mike Macdonald kept up their league challenge with a tight 6-5 win over the Tennis Club, a 4 at the sixth end being the decisive score.
Abby Duncan finally picked up both points with a very close 8-7 win. The Fochabers boys seemed to be in the clear with an 8-1 lead after 5 ends , but lost concentration to lose a 4 and then a 2 to just pip Howard Anstruther.

In Division 3 Molly Keen kept up her excellent form with a 6-4 win over Bob Stewart and Eddie Milne had a big win over Charlie Watt jnr. Poor Charlie could only score a 2 at the first end before Eddie steamrollered to a 12-2 win.
Ronald Christie was another big winner, this time over the Rotarians. Fours at the second and fifth ends eased the Fochabers rink to a 10-5 win.

In Division 4, a 5 at the third end gave Helen Downey a comfortable win over Alastair Maltman ‘s bankers, and in the all ladies division 5 game, Linda Hardie’s Forres lasses were 13-0 up after 4 ends against Moray Firth Ladies and held on for a 14-4 victory.

Gregor Makes Wheelchair Olympic Team

Bill Nicol is feeling hopeful.

Congratulations Gregor a fantastic achievement by you and your team mates
All the hard work training in Stirling and the dedication shown by you over many years, and then the long wait to see if you personally had been selected.
I am sure you and the rink will do your best and so all we at home can do is wish you luck over and above your effort.
Just a pity you couldn’t take Jim and Mike with you and give us a rest LOL
Keep in touch.

Bill Nicol 9 January Update of Canadian Tourists visit to Moray Province (East)

Update of Canadian Tourists visit to Moray Province (East)

Posted by Bill Nicol on Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Canadian Tour update (loaned from various sources) 29_12_17

At last some detail obtained. (Sorry to those asking no detail as to how or when participants will be selected

Dear Club Secretary,
A Canadian touring team will be visiting Elgin on Tuesday the 16th of January when they will play four Province rinks at Moray Leisure Centre for the Strathcona Cup, starting at 2.00pm; support from your members would be most welcome. In the evening, the tourist will attend a dinner in their honour at the Sunninghill Hotel. Should any of your members wish to attend the dinner, they are most welcome to do so.
The cost for the evening will be £30, with cheques made payable to Moray Province. 
The dress for the evening will be jacket and tie, kilt or Rccc or tour blazer for the gentlemen and appropriate attire for the ladies. 
Any of your members wishing to attend the dinner should let me know by Monday the 8th of January at the latest. ( 01343545841)

With kind regards,
Mike Pickthall
Province Secretary

As loaned from Canadian Facebook (THANK YOU)

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Strathcona Cup 2018


AS at 20/12/17
Sorry to those who have been asking for details of the visiting Canadian tour to Area 13 and in particular Moray Province during their tour of Scotland from January 10th to 3rd of February 2018?
I have not seen or heard of any detail regarding the tour except what we could glean from the Canadian Facebook page I published recently. 
As at today there is more information from the Canadian tourists on the Royal Club site and includes some of the detail you have been requesting. The direct landing page link is as follows.…/strathcona-cup…/
It does not of course give you any detail if Moray teams have been selected or how they were selected, however it does state the Moray curlers play on 16th January @ 14:00 in the M.L.C, (4 rinks).

Should I be given any information to let Moray Province members know I will publish A S A P

Moray Leisure update

Moray Leisure Centre
Following a private meeting today by Moray Council the future of Moray Leisure Centre was discussed
No long term details were disclosed however the council has agreed to ensure the Centre stays open in the short term.

Open K.O. Semi Finals

Hi , the results from tonight’s semi-finals Moray Province open KO are:-
Dean Clark 6 Mike McInnes 2
Ali Asher 7 Ally Fraser 2
Have a happy Christmas and best wishes for 2018.


Last East League Games 2017


This week’s Moray Province curling ,saw the second two open knockout quarter finals both going the way of teams from the West. This meant a clean sweep of the quarters for the West with teams from Nairn making up three of the semi finalists.
Ally Fraser and his Ardclach team are probably favourites after an 8-0 trouncing of Ryan Mackenzie’s knockout cup holders. The Ballindalloch lads were happy to shake hands after 6 ends.
In the other quarter final, Nairn’s Ali Asher was always ahead against Alan Campbell, a two against the hammer in the fifth end allowing him to ease to an 8-5 win.

Meanwhile, in the East Province Leagues there was a heavy defeat for Bill Jaffrey’s Division 2 leaders .Mike Macdonald ‘s
Forres rink were unstoppable, winning all but one end. The Fochabers team was extremely lucky to get 1 in a 13-1 drubbing.

In Division 3 , Brian Cantlay raced to a 5-0 lead over Eddie Milne before the Darnaway rink fought back to lead 7-6 going into the last end. Although Eddie lay 2 shots, Rob Tyson had a chance of a peel with his last stone. He needed a hit and roll,but was unlucky to catch too thin a contact and his shooter ran out to let Eddie pick up 2 more for a 9-6 win.

Jamie Rankin’s Juniors had a brilliant win against the Division 4 unbeaten leaders. Mike Mckenzie’s rink took a three at the first end and a consolation three at the last, but in between, the youngsters were absolutely solid , and pick ups of 4 at the third and 3 at the fifth end gave them a superb 11-7 victory .
Alastair Maltman’s Bank team were always ahead against Elgin’s Jim Farquhar ,winning 5 ends in a 9-3win.

In Division 5 Finlay Sutherland’s Junior rink had another good win, this time over Gill Valentine’s Forres girls . Gill could only manage three singles whilst the Juniors, with Olympic gold experience at skip in the shape of Janice Rankin, were wonderfully efficient in winning five ends  running away to victory with five shots in the final two ends.

Development Group Secretary


Alastair Maltman, who has carried out the duties of Development Group Secretary for the past three years, has indicated that he will be standing down at the next AGM which will be held in April 2018; a replacement is therefore required to fill this post.

The Development Group caries out a hugely important role in developing curling in Moray, introducing and training new entrants to the sport, both junior and adult, through “Come and Try”, as well as running a very successful “Curling’s Cool” programme for the Moray primary and secondary schools.

The Development Group Secretary’s duties include producing and issuing agendas for meetings as well as taking minutes; he or she would also be responsible for dealing with any correspondence. Development Group Committee meetings are usually held in the Training Room at the Moray Leisure Centre in June, August, October, January and March each year with the AGM taking place in April.

There is a need for someone, who has an interest in promoting the sport of curling, to take on this satisfying and worthwhile role for the Development Group. Anyone who feels that they could commit some of their time should get in touch with Alastair who would be only too pleased to discuss in greater detail what is involved.

 Alastair can be contacted on 01343544306/077866592663/atcmaltman@btinternet,com

Mike Pickthall

Province Secretary