The concluding round of games in Division 4 and 5 of the Moray Province East curling leagues,
Division 4
Molly Keen’s rink skipped by Ciaran Barron finished their season with a close 10-8 win over Alastair Maltman. The Juniors raced to a 7-0 lead after 3 ends, with Alastair coming back to lead 8-7 after 7. Ciaran’s team , however, pulled themselves together to pick up a two and a single steal to complete a superb season.
Elgin Rotary, skipped by Bill Ross demolished Jim Farquhar’s Elgin rink, a five at the fifth end proving the decisive blow.
The unlucky Colin Gauld fell foul of a session change and had to forfeit his game against James Carter’s Juniors , who narrowly missed out on promotion but still had a great season.

In Division 5, Mike Mckenzie completed the perfect 100% season with another big win over Helen Downey. Mike is considering retiring following his 12 successive wins having never had back to back wins before, he has also put in a request to the Guinness Book of Records, for wheelchair achievements.
Nicole Watt was another Junior rink completing an excellent season with a good 5-3 victory over Andrew Allardyce ‘s rink, skipped this week by Legal Eagle Mike Kemp.
In the other game, Sandra McIvor, with 5 single shots had a 5-5 peel against Linda Hardie who had picked up a three and a two in the early ends.

This has been a most successful season for the junior rinks, with Molly Keen and Nicole Watt both gaining promotion and James Carter narrowly missing out.
Ross McCulloch and Finlay Sutherland, although less successful were very competitive and their enthusiasm and improvement has been a delight to see. They are a credit to themselves and their coaches. Good luck to all of them for next season.