Wednesday past 29/03/17 saw the winners of Division 1 in Moray East and Moray West leagues play a challenge game for the Nicol Quaich at The Moray Leisure Centre.
Unfortunately for the first time since this challenge was initiated i could not be there to watch due to a Development Group meeting up the stairs where the chair thought it would be a good idea to keep our attention by pulling the curtains.
Going by the final score the Ardclach legends skipped by Ally Fraser, Third Ruairidh Greenwood, second Neil Macarthur and with Grant Fraser at lead seemed to take control of the game at the third end with a 3 never to look back. Congratulations lads.
Stephen Rankin playing last stones for the Buckie rink cut down a couple of ends and contained the final score 9:2 to Ardclach.
N.B There was a suggestion from the West that this game could maybe through co-operation between the two match secretaries be brought forward a couple of weeks to allow the farmers involved get on with their sowing or knitting (what ever they do at this time of year)
I am sure the secretaries will at least discuss the situation, although i am not into either.
As far as i know that will be the last of the game reports but please feel free to add anything to the web site over the close season in preparation for 2017/2018