League Table

Draw & Results

Wed 22 Sep
21.20Eddie Milne vs Dave Mcpherson
21.20Alan Durno vs Andrew Allardyce
21.20Abby Duncan vs Bill Jaffrey
Wed 27 Oct
19:00Abby Duncan vs Eddie Milne
19:00Dave Mcpherson vs Andrew Allardyce
19:00Alan Durno vs Bill Jaffrey
Wed 10 Nov
21.20Abby Duncan vs Alan Durno
21.20Eddie Milne vs Andrew Allardyce
21.20Bill Jaffrey vs Dave Mcpherson
Wed 24 Nov
19:00Dave Mcpherson vs Alan Durno
19:00Eddie Milne vs Bill Jaffrey
19:00Abby Duncan vs Andrew Allardyce
Wed 15 Dec
21.20Abby Duncan vs Dave Mcpherson
21.20Eddie Milne vs Alan Durno
21.20Bill Jaffrey vs Andrew Allardyce
Wed 19 Jan
21.20Bill Jaffrey vs Abby Duncan
21.20Dave Mcpherson vs Eddie Milne
21.20Andrew Allardyce vs Alan Durno
Wed 02 Feb
19:00Eddie Milne vs Abby Duncan
19:00Andrew Allardyce vs Dave Mcpherson
19:00Bill Jaffrey vs Alan Durno
Wed 16 Feb
19:00Alan Durno vs Abby Duncan
19:00Bill Jaffrey vs Dave Mcpherson
19:00Eddie Milne vs Andrew Allardyce
Wed 09 Mar
19:00Eddie Milne vs Bill Jaffrey
19:00Andrew Allardyce vs Abby Duncan
19:00Alan Durno vs Dave Mcpherson
Wed 23 Mar
21.20Dave Mcpherson vs Abby Duncan
21.20Alan Durno vs Eddie Milne
21.20Andrew Allardyce vs Bill Jaffrey


Donated by Fochabers Curling Club to the Province in 1970 to commemorate the Club’s Centenary.

It was presented to the winners of Division 2 until 1993 when the Province Leagues were split into East and West sections with the opening of Moray Leisure Centre. Thereafter awarded to the Winners of Division 2 in the East

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