League Table

SkipPlayedWonLostDrawnShots TotalShots UpEnds WonPoints
McInnes, Mike11009652
Fraser, Ali11005142
Fraser, Mark11006122
Greenwood, Callum10105-130
Asher, Ali10104-120
Kerr, Larry10103-620

Draw & Results

Wed 15 Sep
18:45Larry Kerr vs Mike McInnes 3 – 92 – 5
18:45Mark Fraser vs Callum GreenwoodRuaraidh Greenwood 6 – 52 – 3
18:45Ali Fraser vs Ali AsherRoss Cope 5 – 44 – 2
Wed 06 Oct
21.00Callum Greenwood vs Ali Asher
21.00Ali Fraser vs Mike McInnes
21.00Larry Kerr vs Mark Fraser
Wed 27 Oct
18:45Ali Fraser vs Larry Kerr
18:45Mike McInnes vs Callum Greenwood
18:45Ali Asher vs Mark Fraser
Wed 17 Nov
21.00Ali Fraser vs Callum Greenwood
21.00Larry Kerr vs Ali Asher
21.00Mike McInnes vs Mark Fraser
Wed 08 Dec
18:45Ali Asher vs Mike McInnes
18:45Callum Greenwood vs Larry Kerr
18:45Mark Fraser vs Ali Fraser
Wed 05 Jan
21.00Mike McInnes vs Larry Kerr
21.00Callum Greenwood vs Mark Fraser
21.00Ali Asher vs Ali Fraser
Wed 26 Jan
18.45Mark Fraser vs Larry Kerr
18:45Ali Asher vs Callum Greenwood
18:45Mike McInnes vs Ali Fraser
Wed 16 Feb
21.00Larry Kerr vs Ali Fraser
21.00Callum Greenwood vs Mike McInnes
21.00Mark Fraser vs Ali Asher
Wed 09 Mar
18:45Callum Greenwood vs Ali Fraser
18:45Ali Asher vs Larry Kerr
18:45Mark Fraser vs Mike McInnes
Wed 30 Mar
21.00Mike McInnes vs Ali Asher
21.00Larry Kerr vs Callum Greenwood
21.00Ali Fraser vs Mark Fraser


Donated by David MacArthur of Ardclach Curling Club who was President of the Province when curling started at Inverness.

He was subsequently elected as an Honorary President in 1974 in recognition of his contribution to the game.

A farmer in Nairnshire, ‘Dave MacArthur’s rink’ were well-kent faces in Scottish curling.

It was presented to the winners of Division 1 until 1993 when the Province Leagues were split into East and West sections with the opening of Moray Leisure Centre.

Thereafter awarded to the Winners of Division 1 in the West.

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