League Table

SkipPlayedWonLostDrawnShots TotalShots UpEnds WonPoints
Forbes, Angus110010542
Steel, Fiona10105-530
Thomson, Ian10103-630

Draw & Results

Wed 15 Sep
18:45Fiona Steel vs Angus Forbes 5 – 103 – 4
18:45Ian Thomson J Smart vs Jamie Cattell 3 – 93 – 4
Wed 06 Oct
21.00Angus Forbes vs Jamie Cattell
21.00Ian Thomson vs Ricky Marwick
Wed 27 Oct
18:45Jamie Cattell vs Fiona Steel
18:45Angus Forbes vs Ricky Marwick
Wed 17 Nov
21.00Ricky Marwick vs Fiona Steel
21.00Angus Forbes vs Ian Thomson
Wed 08 Dec
18:45Ricky Marwick vs Jamie Cattell
18:45Fiona Steel vs Ian Thomson
Wed 05 Jan
21.00Angus Forbes vs Fiona Steel
21.00Jamie Cattell vs Ian Thomson
Wed 26 Jan
18:45Jamie Cattell vs Angus Forbes
18:45Ricky Marwick vs Ian Thomson
Wed 16 Feb
21.00Ricky Marwick vs Angus Forbes
21.00Fiona Steel vs Jamie Cattell
Wed 09 Mar
18:45Ian Thomson vs Angus Forbes
18:45Fiona Steel vs Ricky Marwick
Wed 30 Mar
21.00Jamie Cattell vs Ricky Marwick
21.00Ian Thomson vs Fiona Steel


The Sandy Gunn Stone was presented to the Province by Nairn Curling Club in memory of Sandy Gunn who gave many years to service the Club.

Apart from having his name associated with the Stone, the Club League is named after him too, with members playing for the Shield which he gave to the Club in 1967.

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