League Table

SkipPlayedWonLostDrawnShots TotalShots UpEnds WonPoints
Forbes, Angus43102710166
Cattell, Jamie3300189126
Steel, Fiona3120191112
Marwick, Ricky312015-882
Thomson, Ian303014-1280

Draw & Results

Wed 15 Sep
18:45Fiona Steel vs Angus Forbes 5 – 103 – 4
18:45Ian Thomson J Smart vs Jamie Cattell 3 – 93 – 4
Wed 06 Oct
21.00Angus Forbes vs Jamie Cattell 3 – 43 – 4
21.00Ian Thomson vs Ricky Marwick 6 – 93 – 4
Wed 27 Oct
18:45Jamie Cattell vs Fiona Steel 5 – 34 – 3
18:45Angus Forbes S Fraser vs Ricky Marwick 6 – 34 – 3
Wed 17 Nov
21.00Ricky Marwick vs Fiona Steel 3 – 111 – 5
21.00Angus Forbes vs Ian Thomson 8 – 55 – 2
Wed 08 Dec
18:45Ricky Marwick vs Jamie Cattell
18:45Fiona Steel vs Ian Thomson
Wed 05 Jan
21.00Angus Forbes vs Fiona Steel
21.00Jamie Cattell vs Ian Thomson
Wed 26 Jan
18:45Jamie Cattell vs Angus Forbes
18:45Ricky Marwick vs Ian Thomson
Wed 16 Feb
21.00Ricky Marwick vs Angus Forbes
21.00Fiona Steel vs Jamie Cattell
Wed 09 Mar
18:45Ian Thomson vs Angus Forbes
18:45Fiona Steel vs Ricky Marwick
Wed 30 Mar
21.00Jamie Cattell vs Ricky Marwick
21.00Ian Thomson vs Fiona Steel


The Sandy Gunn Stone was presented to the Province by Nairn Curling Club in memory of Sandy Gunn who gave many years to service the Club.

Apart from having his name associated with the Stone, the Club League is named after him too, with members playing for the Shield which he gave to the Club in 1967.

Updates From the Rink

  • Match Report – 02/12/2021

    In the week following the Scottish Men’s and Women’s fabulous European Championship winning double, more mundane matters resumed in Moray Province.
    In the Ladies knockout however, there was what many might count as a sensational result, as Sandra MacIver’s Moray Firth Ladies put one over  on multiple Rosebowl winner, Elgin’s Louise Marshall.The MFLs got away away to a blistering start, winning all 4 opening ends to lead 7-0. A sharp  and frank team  discussion saw the Elgin ladies pick up 6 shots in the next 2 ends to set up a nail biting final end in which Sandra kept her cool to pick up a single shot in an excellent 8-6 win and a trip to the final.
    In Division 3 League business there were 2 closely fought contests and 2 blow outs.
    Ballindalloch’s Clan Kennedy were ruthless in racing to a 13-0 lead over Lynn Robert’s Wheels team, but two well played final ends gave the scoreboard a better look as the Wheels fought back to 13-4. Meanwhile,on the adjoining sheet, the shot scoring phenomenon otherwise  known as Charlie Watt jnr was completely steamrolling Owen Watson’s unfortunate Moray Juniors .Owen’s single shot at the fifth end was the only interruption to what , by the end,resembled a telephone number on the bottom line of the board.
    Georgia Clarke’s Juniors had a terrific game against the experienced Bob Stewart. The lead had changed hands 3 times and Georgia was a shot behind going into the last end,but  both well thought out and  well played tactics gave the Juniors the 2 shots they needed for a 5-4 victory. Helen Downey and Eilidh Smith ,standing in for Linda Hardie ,had a real ding dong contest, exchanging single shots to be peeling 3-3 after 6 ends. The final end was nip and tuck before the more experienced Downey scored 2 shots for her 5-3 win.
    In Division 3 ,the question is, who can topple Charlie Watt who has now scored 55 shots in 5 games and remains unbeaten since 2019.

  • Fox Sighted at Moray Leisure!

    There were 3 games played this week in the Moray Province East curling League and on the keenest ice of the season so far, they proved to be high class contests.
    In Division 2 it was good to see the return of the Gordon Castle gunslinger Abby Duncan to take charge of a team which up to now had been somewhat faltering. Duncan generally held the upper hand over his Elgin opponent Andrew Allardyce and scored shots at 4 of the mid 5 ends to lead 6-2 going into the last end. Allardyce could only score a single and the game finished with a 6-3 win for the Fochabers’ rink.
    Bill Jaffrey’s Fochabers rink skipped by Wilson Burnett were also in sparkling form, albeit benefiting from the rub of the stones against Darnaway’s Eddie Milne. A particularly strong front end set up great positions for Burnett to nail a deuce in the third and sixth ends and a couple of single steals from well defended heads at ends 4 and 7. Poor Alan Douglas skipping the Darnaway outfit frequently found himself with near impossible last stones.
    Hands were shaken on a 7-4 Fochabers victory.
    The rearranged Division 3 game between Linda Hardie’s Forres rink and Georgia Clarke’s Juniors was an absolute cracker. Skip Carol Bennett plotted the Forres rink to a 4-0 lead before Georgia picked up a solid 3 shots and then a single steal to tie the score at 4 apiece after 5 ends. A 2 for Bennet and a single shot reply by Clarke at ends 6 and 7 respectively, gave the Forres team the closest of wins.
    The talk of the rink this week was the outstanding form of both men’s and women’s Scottish teams at the European Championships in Lillehammer. Bruce Mouat and Eve Muirhead sitting at the top of their round robin standings.
    Bill Jaffrey

  • Match Report – 18th November 2021

    There were matches in all 3 divisions of the Moray Province East League this week.
    Division 1 is proving to be extremely competitive as previous League leader Andy Cameron found out in his game with Mike MacDonald. The Forres rink were never behind, opening the scoring with a 3 at the first end and outplaying their Speyside opponents with shots at 5 of the 8 ends played. Buckie’s Alan Campbell kept his title bid well on course with a convincing 11-1 victory over the Aberlour rink of Willie Cameron. The contest was as good as over early in the evening as the Buckie team raced to a 10-0 lead after 5 ends. Cameron’s team rallied somewhat to score a 2 and then a 4 in ends 6 and 7, but a 6-11 defeat was a pretty fair reflection of the form on the night.
    Division 2 top dogs Durno and McPherson had brought their table top clash forward a week, and the Tennis club lads could do no wrong as they scored at each of the first 4 ends before Durno’s team came back strongly to trail by just a single shot going into the final end. Sitting 3 good shots against as he played the final stone,Tennis Club skip Roy Thomson held his nerve to throw a canny weight hit and roll to sneak a 7-5 win.
    Division 3 juggernaut Charlie Watt jnr did what Charlie Watt jnr does, and gave Gordie Kennedy a lesson as he scored at 4 consecutive ends for a 7-1 lead. The canny Kennedy counted a 3 at the last end to put a touch of polish on a 10-5 loss.
    The Elgin club contest saw Bob Stewart come back from 5-3 behind picking up a 3 and then a 2 at the last 2 ends for a good 8-5 victory.
    Georgia Clarke’s Moray Juniors had an excellent 8-1 win over Lynn Roberts’s Wheels team and fellow Juniors, Owen Watson went a few shots better in their terrific 11-1 win over their Forres opponents. Many congratulations to both Junior teams whose form must be delighting their hard working coaches.

  • Camerons’ Contrasting Fortunes.

    In Division 1 of Moray Province East Curling,all three match ups resulted in convincing wins, and none was more convincing than Aberlour’s Andy Cameron who simply demolished his Sunninghill opponents. Winning 7 of the 8 ends and with counts of 5 and a couple of 3’s, the Speysiders finished 16-1 victors over the hapless hoteliers. Andy will have first dibs at the Sunday roast potatoes at the Cameron table as Dad Willie could only win 1 end,albeit picking up a 4 against Division pacesetter Kenny OswaId. 4-3 down after 3 ends,the Elgin rink scored 7 unanswered shots in their clear win. Alan Campbell and his Buckie rink casually accumulated single shots against their Forres opponents,and a deuce at the fifth end allowed them to pull away for a 7-3 win.
    In Division 2, the evening’s most exciting game resulted in a good win for Andrew Allardyce’s team for whom Skip Mike Kemp skillfully engineered a decisive score of 5 shots in the sixth end . A further 2 at the last end gave the Elgin combo a closely fought 10-7 victory. A count of 5 at the last end gave Dave McPherson’s Tennis Club full points in a game that was tighter than the score might suggest. Their Fochabers opponents had opportunities for bigger counts than their 2 single shot ends and only Fiona Ewen at second could claim to be happy with her form on the night.
    In the other game, Alan Durno came out on top of Fochabers clubmate Abby Duncan. The still absent Duncan had John Wilson at skip and, despite an opening end count of 3, the Durno rink rallied as Mike Watt took over from Skip Durno when the big farmer picked up a mysterious injury in the first end.

  • 28/10 Match Report

    Moray Province curling resumed this week following the October holiday break and in Division 2 East it was a tale of deputy skips as Gordon Fraser and Alan Douglas stood in for  regular bosses Duncan and Milne. The Darnaway rink were 3-1 up after 3 ends before Fraser pulled off a perfect chip and lie for a 4 at the 4th end. This proved the high water mark for the Fochabers four, as Douglas racked up an unanswered 5 shots over the last 4 ends for his 9-5 win.Mike Kemp and Roy Thomson regularly skip Andrew Allardyce’s Elgin and Dave McPherson’s Tennis club teams and the latter outfit just sneaked past their Elgin rivals with 5 single shots in their 5-3 victory, whilst the Fochabers derby resulted in another close win for Alan Durno over Bill Jaffrey. Durno’s vast experience proved decisive but he breathed a sigh of relief as skip Wilson Burnett’s final stone picked up some debris and changed handles as he attempted a double take out which would have edged his team ahead of the Clochan farmer.
    A rearranged match in Division 3 saw a win for Linda Hardie’s Forres rink. Lynn Roberts opened the scoring with a one at the first end, but Hardie skip Carol Bennett took over from there to open up a game  winning 8-1 lead before 2 single shots gave the Roberts rink some cheer in the 8-3 defeat.
    In the West, Division 1 had a couple of inter club games. Honours were even as Ardclach’s Ally Fraser picked up a count of 5 in the fourth end to dent  the hopes of Nairn’s Larry Kerr in a 7-5 victory, but Nairn fortunes were restored as Mike McInnes had a great win over reigning champions Callum Greenwood.  5 shots each as they entered the final end set the scene for an exciting finish, and McInnes used his last stone advantage perfectly to pick up a 2 for his win. The other Division 1 game was,perhaps, the most exciting of the night, finishing in an honours even 8-8 draw. Mark Fraser had raced to a 7-0 lead before Nairn’s favourite baker woke up to take the next 3 ends and sneak ahead by a single shot. Fraser then  managed to regain his composure to take a shot at the last for a share of the points.
    In Division 2 ,Nairn’s Angus Forbes was victorious over clubmate Ricky Marwick and Jamie Cattell pipped Fiona Steel’s Nairn Ladies rink.
    Bill Jaffrey

  • Curling’s Covid Return

    After the loss of an entire season, Province curling finally kicked off at both Inverness Ice Centre and Moray Leisure Centre this week.
    It was difficult to remember who last won what, but in West Division 1, Ally Fraser just pipped Ali Asher in a tight match. 4-4 after 5 ends, the Ardclach lads blanked the sixth and picked up their single shot for the win in the seventh.
    Newly promoted Mike McInnes was always in control against Larry Kerr,an opening end three and a single steal giving McInnes a clear lead and a further three and a single steal in ends 4 and 5 saw him run out a 9-3 winner.
    Mark Fraser’s Dalcross rink chalked up a good win over defending champions the Greenwood rink. The Ardclach quartet outscored Fraser in ends won,but a pair of 3’s was enough for a close 6-5  Fraser victory .
    In Division 2 Jamie Cattell was a 9-3 winner over Ian Thomson, a 3 at the opening and closing ends decisive in a slightly one sided contest.
    Angus Forbes came out on top in his match with Fiona Steel’s Nairn Ladies, a couple of 3 shot steals giving him a 10-2 lead before Fiona picked up a 3 of her own at the last to at least give a Ladies some consolation.
    In the East, Division 3 opened with  a good win for Gordie Kennedy in what was largely  a battle of the youngsters. Sons Charlie, Ian and Aunty Lynn skipped by a rusty old Dad running out 10-5 winners against Owen Watson’s Moray Juniors.
    Georgia Clarke’s Juniors rink had a real ding dong with Helen Downey’s veterans. Fighting back from a 3-0 deficit, Georgia’s team picked up the shot they needed in the last for a 4-4 peel.
    Charlie Watt jnr’s perfect form continued with an 8-6 win over Elgin’s Bob Stewart. The Forres team had a 100% record in the last League campaign and proved they are still a very tough nut to beat.
    Next week sees the start of  the East Division 1 and 2 campaign and we fervently hope that we will have a full,uninterrupted curling season.
    Bill Jaffrey