Return to Curling

After an extended hiatus, we are all returning to curling a little stiffer than usual.

Although we are all excited to get back on the ice and see old friends, some of us will, justifiably, be apprehensive and have concerns.

Below are relevant links and information to reassure you that all steps and precautions are in place to make sure your health and safety is at the forefront.

What to Expect

Curlers registered with the RCCC will have received the Scottish Curling return to curling guidance in the 13 August e-newsletter. Included are links to the Curling Beyond Level Zero and the full Scottish Curling COVID Guidance pdfs.

Moray Leisure Centre Ice Rink Guidance

As we all dig out our curling shoes and dust off our brushes, we need to be aware of the facilities expectations of us as an Ice Rink user.

At the time of writing, both entry and exit are done via the main doors - there is no one way traffic system.

Face masks must be worn when inside the facility. However, masks are not required on the ice when participating in the sport of curling. It is worth noting that all coaches must wear a face covering whilst they are on the ice during their session.

Payment of Ice Fees remains the same as previous years: at the main reception before the start of a session.

All curling five sheets are in use. Curling will resume as normal. There are no restictions on the number of sweepers or where curlers need to position themselves when not actively curling.

However, we ask that all curlers social distance as much as possible and respect other curlers' personal space. We want everyone to stay safe and healthy.

If you present with any symptoms of COVID-19, follow the Scottish Government guidelines: stay at home, self-isolate and book a PCR test.

Register your Club's COVID Officer Today

Your club's COVID Officer is a nominated person with whom Scottish Curling can liaise with promptly for any COVID related issues.

Role and responsibilities as well as the e-learning training modules are available via SportScotland.

Contact information submitted via the above is emailed directly to S. Rankin, Moray Province President; B. Jaffrey, Moray Province Match Secretary; B. Macintyre and A. Gibb, Scottish Curling Area Standing Committee Representatives. No information is stored on site.

Get your joints moving again with this very low-impact workout put together by Scottish Curling.

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